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    I'm a 34 yr old Mom of two little girls, one is 4yrs, and the other is on her way due feb 8th. We all love the holidays.
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    New one; collecting blow molds :)
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    Stay at home mom
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    After Hurricane Katrina, I'm just starting over again :)
  1. Nice! Mine is a little display too, but I'd say it's a start. Hubby is already scared:)
  2. That looks awesome all together. Will make for a super display.
  3. I sure will let you know anything I find out. Poor Goofy just needs an ear I even posted to craigs list just encase. Hubby said do people even know what a blowmold is? So I guess that's a long shot, but you never know.
  4. Hi Gary, I did email someone on ebay that 'had' a set of Goofy ears. He asked me to email him back next week as he may get more in. I'm not sure where he is getting them from, but it's the same guy that had the nose, I just think he's a little high on his parts and shipping cost. Well, that's ebay thought
  5. Oh I see, well I did tell Gen. foam rep. that the mold states Santas Best on it, but they still didn't know what I was talking about I'll try one more time to get them to understand, hehe, now that I do. Thanks
  6. I've been trying to find a goofy ear, and someone mentioned general foam as the maker and that they may still have some parts. However they want a model number that starts with GFC, and should be on the box or instuctions. I don't have either of these, and I'm not sure I understand why they can't just say if they have a goofy ear or not!! Anyway if you happen to know this number please post. I'm also looking for the model number to the mickey as he needs a nose. Thanks,
  7. Wow I've never seen that before either. Is the plastic on the trunk/branches brittle? It looks very neat, I don't know if I'd sell it:)
  8. Thanks, Now I understand the Ammonia, as there is a soap film that I had to go back and wash off of a few. I'll make sure 'hubby' cleans them with that first. So far the hardest one was the angel. I used a toothbrush and many passes to get into all the textured areas. She came out very nice and I'm surprized how well the inside cleaned up too. Now the TPI snowman I'm not sure about. He's the last one to clean, but he's the worst of all. There's no big openning on him to get into the inside, and he's got a big nasty crack. He's got lots of mud in him too. So I'm still deciding if I can do
  9. Yep, I've been looking on ebay, and I'm surprized by the prices too. Anyway, if they got it to spend, good for them, I'll just scrub up my free stuff and be happy
  10. Oh please post a picture. I won't have any idea of it's worth, but it sure sounds neat:)
  11. Thanks, Hubby thought he would HAVE to help wire it all up, hehe, he was wrong. Well, this is a little display, but christmas should be bigger:)
  12. That's a good find, it's very cute with the elves.
  13. This is just the start, I'm already looking for more. The 6 blowmolds are the ones found in the trash all cleaned up. http://ann404.smugmug.com/photos/393944118_jWDJm-L.jpg These are some of the ones I think cleaned up the best, but I still have three waiting to be cleaned. They were heavily disinfected before I brought them inside http://ann404.smugmug.com/photos/393944961_eDFJg-L.jpg http://ann404.smugmug.com/photos/393933877_2GWwf-L.jpg Oh and one small question. On a few the paint rubbed off (I was scrubbing them well). It's not peeling, just rubbed off. The x-mas bea
  14. Yep I just tried True Value and S. williams paint store. No orange for plastic. I may just use what I got and repaint next year. Still would like an online source so I'll have the right stuff for the rest:) Oh does using a primer help?
  15. Wow, This got me thinking. How sad that someone would want to ruin what you put out for everyone to enjoy. Just remember that most people would be happy to see someone take the time, money, and energy to put out a nice display. I know every year we enjoy finding nice displays, helps with it feeling like the holidays. Thought I never do see many blowmolds now-a-days. Sorry to hear that happen,
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