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  1. It depends on what you are looking for. I have 6 minis. Some are only red and white lights. I picked my red lights with white wire to add to the "peppermint" look during the day. Works for me.
  2. I would caution you about the shock. I am in law enforcement and have seen where a "tazer" was made from a disposable camera. Left a nasty burn on a guys neck. Court
  3. This year is not off to a great start. I have had two plugs eaten by my own dogs (no I have no where else to put them) and the wind took out some things today. I will be working tomorrow to fix that problem (the wind). My question is can I re-wire the male end of a mini tree (300ct) without hurting the lights. The cord was chewed off, but nothing else. Thanks for the help, Court
  4. Hi Everyone, This is my first post this season. I have been working at two jobs for the last six months and have been busy!! I have been able to get my display up. It is small, less than 5,000 lights, but I am happy. Tonight, I flipped on my timers and half of the diplay failed to work. I checked everything and narrowed it down to one cord. I changed it and everything worked. I brought the cord in and found that one of my four dogs had chewed all the way through it!! Lucky for which everyone it was, it is not hot all the time. Lucky for me, I didn't grab it wrong when it was hot! Oh well, it could be worse. I hope everyones shows went off with big fanfare and little problems. I will be reading and adding when I can. Court
  5. Ted, Is a double pole the same as a tandem breaker? Looking at price list and want to make sure I send the wife for the right things ( hey it's for my birthday!!) Also, I do have an electrician to help, I am just trying to get a head start in the right direction to minimize the assistance. Court
  6. Bill, Wireframes sounds like the way I want to go. What equipment do I need and what is the best way to learn to weld? I don't need too many more scars!!:laughing: Court
  7. Chris, If I have this right, I can run the existing wire (10/2) to a sub panel then to four 15 amp cuircits. Or do I run new wire. I do have someone that can help me, but I am trying to minimize the help. Also, I am the lucky sole that gets to crawl under the house to try to get this done. Thanks for the info. Court
  8. I am new to all of this so please pardon the dumbness that pours from my mind.... I want to build a gingerbread figure using something that I can string lights to and make it appear in motion. It would be all one figure just, say, have the arms moving. What would be the best way to go about this, what materials would you suggest and what equipment would I need to accomplish this? I know this is a lot, but I had a neat idea I want to add to my display eventually and want to know what I am getting into. Court
  9. Hey anyone want to take a stab at this.... I have a 30amp 220 breaker already in my box that I am going to feed two 15 amp plugs with. Can I do this and what is the best way to do this correctly? I want to stay safe and in code. Thanks, Court
  10. Jason, Thanks, I think that closes it in my mind. More trees, less lights, same amount of channels. Court
  11. Bill I was thinking of 300 of 3 different colors to cycle/fade/whatever. Not at one time. Would that help? Court
  12. I'm looking at the tomatoe cage versions, about 3 feet.
  13. I have decided that a megatree is too much for the size yard I have. So I am going to have four mini trees to start the 06 season. My question is, since I already have most of the planned lights, would 900 lights per mini be too much. Has anyone else done this many lights? I know it would not be too much for my power or LOR. Thanks for any help. Court sgtcsh
  14. So, other than the piece of PVC pipe and lights, the $129.00 version is complete? I want to add a tree for next year and really like the look of this one. Can you run the lights like a mega tree (vertical)? Court
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