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  1. Lowes is the only place I've been able to get them reasonably priced. And they always stock at least 2 cases near me.
  2. Yeah, Chuck set it up for June 12th in Jersey. Where in Central PA are you??
  3. I throw mine away too. Drink beer and have a little hacksaw party. The stuff is like .79 cents for a 10 foot section. Not really worth the time to spare it. just my 79 cents
  4. I too am a slacker... but, count me in for this year.
  5. Was it an actual snow machine? Or an artificial snow machine that would use the fluid? I cannot seem to find any plans for a homebrew artificial snow machine. - Adam
  6. do you use them in commercially available machines? or did you build your own machine?
  7. What about those DMX artificial snow machines?? I was thinking about doing something with those, but naturally, I want to build them rather than buy them?? That would eliminate the freezing hassle if you kept the solution inside somehow.anyone have any experience? - Adam
  8. We're bracing for the wind here in Philly. Just spent an hour and a half putting weights on everything, pounding all the stakes down another few inches and tightening the guy wires on the mega tree. We took some serious damage last week with that wind storm. Hopefully we'll do okay tonight. Not expecting anything as bad as what Pittsburgh, or other areas got. Maybe 50mph gusts and 25 - 30mph winds. Good Luck everyone, hopefully mother nature takes it easy on us from now til the end of the season! - Adam
  9. Hi Dennis, Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, I know just enough to be dangerous with this electronics. It's easy enough to look at the premade products and figure out how they work, but creating circuits like this is a bit beyond me. Would the SSR's be more costly to implement than the CMOS? also, as far as the astable, and other parts, I think I would be able to get by with a parts list and a rough diagram. Maybe we can chat offline? I'd love to expand my knowledge of this stuff. Thanks Dennis! - Adam
  10. I've read several threads and have successfully created my own chasing light sets from the cheapie chaser lights in the store, but they all only yield 3 channels. There has to be a way to build a chasing circuit using CMOS counters, NAND gates, resistors, etc, etc that can go up to chasing 10 circuits. Anyone know how to do it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! - Adam
  11. Agreed. I work with coro alot as well, and I can definitely attest to coro acting as a sail, that stuff has to be anchored in the ground really well. I do love the idea though. and just out of curiosity, how the heck much does a cnc machine cost?? can't be cheap, also I would think that $4-$8 would be INSANELY cheap. even if you get the lights at a dollar a box, you're already a 5 dollars, and a sheet of 4X8 coro goes for about $10 in my area. How many trees can you get out of a sheet? 4? so that's anothe $2.50. So roughly $7.50 for materials alone. I think you be looking at $1
  12. Does anyone know what the Forward Voltage and the Forward Current(mA) is on Blue Wal-Mart Mini LED's? Thanks!
  13. speaking from personal experience, Lead can be washed off with soap and water. The problem is that people tend to wash their hands with warm or hot water which opens the pores up and the lead absorbs easily. When you wash with cold water, the pores constrict and don't allow the lead to absorb readily. The soap then can wash off the lead adequately. I shoot pistols in a competetive leauge and did alot of indoor shooting. When I was first tested for Lead, my levels were 34. I switched two things, 1) cold water hand washing, and 2) wearing long clothing to keep the particulates off of
  14. This is the best recipe ever! My wife and I make it for all of our get togethers. We don't use the chicken breasts anymore though. We changed the recipe to canned chunk chicken.. This takes an extra few steps out, and saves a ton of time. And tastes pretty much the same. - Adam
  15. With the amount of people looking for Vampire plugs, we ought to be able to scrape up enough dough to get a group buy going. 10,000 is ALOT, and would likely set most of us up for a couple of years. I'd be willing to go in for at least 300. 150 M and 150 F. Anyone feel like persuing this? http://www.youtube.com/canigian
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