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    I always like christmas. I would always help put out our inside decorations (we have lots) when I was 7. i got my first blowmold afew ago. it was a union North Pole sign. from there on I've been collecting blowmolds ever since.
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    Christmas and Halloween, Video games (xbox live gamertag: OCDLibrarian), Movie making
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    Tech Crew
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    I think 105 or maybe 110 blowmolds. I lost count.

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  1. I'm back if anyone actually remembers me. LOL. Anyway. I picked two candles out of the garbage a while back and recently got around to looking at them today and found this inside both of them. someone had spliced a night light onto the 25w light holder.
  2. YAY! finally we have a forum! Thanks.
  3. Im Canadian so TPI is my equivalent to say your empire so I only ever find TPI molds. And the Santas are part TPI/Universal electric (I think)
  4. Finally last photo's! These are some of the few mini molds I have inside.
  5. We took a hairdryer to a dent of one of my molds and heated it up while pushing the dent with a stick.
  6. And I wish I could find more Empire/Union one's here. I rarely find those where as TPI is everywhere.
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