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  1. Ummm...did they get away or did they get caught? http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php/38592-I-think-my-neighbor-is-stealingmy-bulbs?p=535738#post535738
  2. http://www.bostonherald.com/news/regional/view.bg?articleid=1220936
  3. When I made my first mini trees, I used around 50-75 zip ties per tree. I have no idea what I was thinking. Now, for a small mini tree with 300 lights, I use about 6 zip ties on the entire tree.
  4. This almost sounds like you are cheering on a birth. :giggle:
  5. I bought a clock last year and my wife hates it. It's still sitting in my back porch and has never been used. Kind of bummed about it because I like it. I suppose it's ok to give into with this one thing on the display.
  6. Awesome, I can wait to see the video.
  7. Wishes from the Disney fireworks show? Also, I think Be Our Guest would be a fun opener.
  8. It would be great if you didn't send out random pm's for trying to sell these.
  9. erba


    I really wish I lived in MN, I would kill for these. Disney + Christmas= a happy erba!
  10. What size bit are you using to drill the holes in the j channel?
  11. Great news. Glad to hear it's working out for you.
  12. Very interesting. I'm gonna have to give it a try.
  13. I will say that they came through for me on one ebay transaction I had. It was for around $80 and the seller had it in their account. I was able to get a full refund. I know others that filed a claim for items over $150 and the were only able to get about $.80 because that was all the seller had in their account. I almost never buy off of ebay anymore and if I do, I have around a $30 limit so I can't get burned too bad.
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