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  1. cool thanks this is my first mega Tree and I have it set up and have not started to programe nothing for it yet
  2. while back some one posted a zip file with a bunch of diffrenet sampels for how to make a mega tree spin I could really use it if some one had it or could find the post I dont seem to be able to for what ever reasone [email protected] Dale
  3. Hello I ahve a 14 foot Daryl Brown tree that I lost the cd to could some one post it online so I can down load it I HAVE all ready emailed and phoned Daryl Brown with no response I dont know if he is on vacation or some thing but would like to continue on with buliding this tree I bought from him. So could some one copy the cd for me I have the receipt for the tree also If needed Thanks Dale
  4. It has been awhile since using the multi function sets but If I recall what the problem is there is 2 different kinds. Mostly sold are the digital or solid state that have the push button type on the little box. the other has a rotary knob that a small piece of flat copper goes over what ever contact you set it on and will always be the same function when you turn it on. There are also a few how-to's on how to make the unit always come on to what ever you want to be I would start here http://computerchristmas.com/Christmas/link-how_to/HowToId-23/Make_an_8-function_controller_remember_the_setting also I know there is groups of diy christmas guys in Australia that I bet would hook you up I belonged to one of the bulletin boards there just like this one I am sure you can find lots of hands on help close to you. http://forums.auschristmaslighting.com/index.php I hope this helps some what for ya Dale
  5. cold rolled steel 1/4 doa search for wireframes or cold roll and you should get a lot of help. There are many people here that do there own wireframes. Dale
  6. just my room all booked for Friday night first time staying over figured we would split up the drive over 2 days and enjoy the weekend
  7. Hi Paul If you do happen to carry just a few cases of led on white wire I could really use 12 strings 100 ct ww, red , and green Dale
  8. do you have 100 cnt warm white on white wire for $10 a string I could possably use 10 strings
  9. I have been asked a few times how I did my foggers for LOR I tell ppl that the easiest way for some is to use this company http://www.hauntmasterproducts.com/remotemod.html If not you have to wire in a a relay to trigger the fog remote plug in goes to wall and stays plugged in so fogger stays hot and can be used on demand then you need to put a dpdt relay in the switch that can be triggered buy 110v you can find these on ebay and electric whole sale place's the 2 top spade pins go to the electric then you need to find what to go to the fogger switch i for get it has been a few years since I did mine I used an Ice cube relay has clear plastic on outside so when I energized it I could see the contacts move on the inside. I am not and electrician and if you aren't you should seek out one for advice
  10. I need 8 to 10 strings 100 count warm white leds on white wire. I am looking for a good price for these to go with my CDI purchase Dale
  11. Dale_L

    Light-Up-Ohio 2010

    Thanks to all that set this up with all your hard work LUO gets better every year..
  12. Dale_L

    Light-Up-Ohio 2010

    me and the wifeshouold be there... and do I smell bbq
  13. are you refering to the main plug wires where reversed coming from the wall to the LOR unit ?
  14. Hi Gary I am placing them about 30 feet apart and I have a dozen snowballs to use. I use to have the sequence from Mark Obermiller but I lost it some how In one of the many computer upgrades I will figure out some thing or maybe just use them next year I dont have much free time these days. Dale
  15. I am looking for a 16 channell sequence for 2 snowmen having a snowball fight. an any one help me out with this Dale
  16. Dale_L

    green aliens

    I am looking for 2 green alien blow molds with a laser gun in the hand does anyone know where I can get a couple Dale
  17. It might have been a female group called (celtic woman) you can google them Dale L
  18. I got mine last night but still have to put togther 4 of the pc units
  19. I have a ramsey 25b will your antenna work for me also ?
  20. I think it was the winter of 99 2000 when I first came here I was looking for light controllers for my reef tanks, and found Christmas lights instead and showed the wife and she said if you want to try to hook a computer up and do a fighting snowball scen it was ok well years later I have 30,K in lights 10 controllers and still no snowmen throwing snowballs. Dale
  21. I had 3 cases waiting for me last night on the porch Thanks Paul for taking care of this for all of us Dale
  22. I got all my lights from the pre order and all look good. I thought I would also get the returned cases also.. Is there any word on when the replacement lights will be shipped out to us. Dale
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