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  1. Been working on a little refresh for these fine fellows. Empire rules my yard!
  2. I use a cable system with an antenna tripod weighed down with cinder blocks. However it's not on point as I did drill holes in the molds. LightsonLinden has by far the best set up I've seen yet. Merry Christmas Chad
  3. Came from Kmart in Oceanside. Thanks for picking up the molds. Im glad they landed with a fellow PCer! Chad
  4. Hello PC! Just wanted to see if any one out on PC collects old city pole mounted decorations? I'm looking to start a collection. If any one has some for sale please contact me. Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving, Chad
  5. I love the old days..........
  6. chad

    2009 Display

    All, It's been awhile here on PC. I have posted a few pictures of our 2009 display. Enjoy Chad www.avocadoradio.net Cruzin 101 Santa's Station
  7. Hands down Empire. I can remember going to Woolworths as a kid and seeing selves of Empire molds.
  8. Thats funny Brad. I sold some railroad gear to a friend about eight years ago and he has yet to pick up the items. He keeps calling once a year to say he's getting a truck to come by. I should charge storage fees. With all this talk on this thread Im reminded of how smooth our transaction was on the Empire school house a few years ago. She still looks nice each year in yard. Again thanks. Chad
  9. I agree with Carrie. I have bought from a few PCers with no issues. I currently have a issue with one sale back in December. The buyer has yet to pay for one mold and shipping on three. As a PCer for years this is my only bad sale. Lesson learned. Thanks for the advice Carrie. PM me if you would like to know more details. Chad
  10. Strange thing here in So Cal. ACE has life size Wisemen and Santa's Best type wisemen sets but no Holy Family to go with them. The local ACE's haven't had the Holy family this season. Chad
  11. Great pick up. It all started for me in 1988 at Wollworths. That year we got a 33"santa, full nativity set, two candles, and lamp post. Next came an order to Sears catalog, then JC Pennys. The rest is history. Great stuff. I love nostalga. Merry Christmas, Chad
  12. Mel, Great info. What would we do without General Foam. A company that has filled the void when the other great ones passed. BECO and Empire live on... Hey real quick. Are the Delux GF wisemen, Poloron? If so are these the longest running molds? Chad, PS: How's old Mount Vernon? I have an Aunt in MV over by the Skagit river near the railroad tracks between Burlington and MV. A great place indeed.
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