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    I am 50. I had a serious illness 7 years ago that left me phyisically disabled.I have worked as an electrician,a mechanic,in landscaping,and various other jobs in my years.I have a beautiful wife of 22 years,two fantastic kids that are grown,and three great grandchildren.I'm a big kid when it comes to christmas.
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    Grandchildren,Woodworking,Gardening,Model trains,RC Cars,Christmas
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    Retired due to illness
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    My display is modest compared to most I've seen on the Planet Christmas site, but I still have the brightest home in our neighborhood.I can't afford alot, but every year I try to add something new. I hope to someday computerize. I have had static displays for over 20 years. UPDATE....Nov. 1, 2008 ....I didn't have the cash for an LOR, but i was able to get a Lights and Sounds Of Christmas Deluxe today. This will be my first step into musical animation.

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