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    Any luck so far?

    I'm on the other side of the Cascades, It's been in the 30s' but no rain, and thankfully no snow yet. I started day after Halloween and I am actually ahead of my schedule. Chance of snow tomorrow, just have to see how things go. If the weather holds I'll be done early. Hope Hope !!!!!!!!!
  2. I need to find a source for 6V mini replacement bulbs, all I have been able to find is 2.5,3,and 5V. Any Ideas?
  3. I like number 5. Try to increase the font size. I put the largest lettering I could on my sign. Here's a picture. [ATTACH]24975[/ATTACH]
  4. Try to keep your design as simple as possible. Have your lettering as large as you can get it.
  5. Build-A-Sign is having a free shipping promo for 2 weeks.
  6. KBoas

    Anybody here ?

    Boy am I late on this thread. I'm still here in Bend OR. Had our first snow on the 4th, has'nt warmed up since. Weatherman saying a chance of snow Monday, this is way to early. I hope to get to the valley sometime this season to see some of the displays you guys have. I'll have to watch the Oregon threads a little close now. Keith
  7. My Ramsey, with the whip antenna that came with it, and the output power set to about 75% transmits approx. 1/2 mile and sounds great.
  8. Good Luck...Our Prayers are with you, and for a quick recovery.
  9. The snow was about 1 mo. early, leaves haven't even fallen yet, it destroyed numerous trees in the area from the weight on the branches. Yes I built the light house for my wife about 7 yrs. ago when we lived on the coast. When we moved I just could not leave it, I had just started building it when I found out I was sick, so it was a mad rush to finish it before the treatment made me to ill. I didn't know how long I would be around, I had to finish it. Thankfully I'm still here. I guess thats why Christmas means so much to me.
  10. First Snow.....Oct.4th, I wonder if this is a sign of things to come. [ATTACH]23761[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]23762[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]23763[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]23764[/ATTACH]
  11. Do you have a picture? Never mind I forgot to scroll up . Sorry
  12. Ditto Guys..... I would feel as though I was stealing if I did that.
  13. Thats Great....I've had trouble getting motivated too. Between financial and health reasons, I just can't get it together. I hope a little of that kind of motivation will come my way.
  14. The spools at our Lowe's were distributed by LG Source. Had only Multi and white. Looked like the rest of the Leds were all GE.
  15. KBoas

    costco leds

    Yes ...I would. Thats a bit to much.
  16. KBoas

    costco leds

    I purchased those from Costco 3 years ago for $15.97 a box. They are sealed bulb.
  17. I know this reply is late, haven't been on in a couple of months. You need to go to WWW. Creativeimpactgraphicsco.com. They have what I think your looking for.
  18. My first concern is the circuit feeding your hot tub is known as an Individual branch circuit, which means it is meant only for supplying one piece of equipment. You stated that you had the circuit inspected when you purchased the home, I'm not sure your inspector was up on his NEC codes. If the wiring is still connected to the hot tub, even if the internal components are disconnected, it needs to be disconnected, then you can run your 50 amp feeder to your shed. There should be a sub panel in the shed with a 50 amp main breaker and individual breakers for your branch circuits ( Recepticles, l
  19. OK everyone...I have C-7 multi 100 bulb sealed LED strings outlining my house. Tonight I had one string that 25 bulbs at the beginning of the string have dimmed to about 1/4 their normal brightness. Where do I start looking for the cause? These strings have no visible rectifiers. I do have extra strings I use for bulb replacement. Keith
  20. My Family and I wish you and your wife a Merry Christmas and our thoughts and prayers are with you both. God Bless
  21. I know the PC three rules, but this makes me want to kick some little punks #!%. The time and money we put into our displays to have this happen just makes me angry. One video like this, and you have a thousand copy cats. OK I've vented, sorry everyone.
  22. KBoas

    First Snow

    Snow fell all day yesterday. Had -12 F last night. I think we made it to 15 today. My animated santa on the front porch took some warming up this morning to get him working. Weather report says more snow tommorow. I guess I don't have to worry about dreaming of a WHITE CHRISTMAS. It sure makes a display look good.
  23. KBoas

    First Snow

    It snowed all day today. Just checked the temp. its 3 degrees. BBBUUUURRRR!!!! Here's some pics from yesterday.
  24. KBoas

    First Snow

    2" on the ground and still falling. The local ski areas will be happy.
  25. Welcome...from Central oregon.
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