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  1. I do still have all of the larger items. I am on vacation right now but I will be home in a couple of weeks. if you PM me with your number I will call you when I get back and we can get together if you like. Angel
  2. They are great for keeping the controllers off the ground and stacking them aren't they? Angel
  3. Ok here is the update on this: First of all please let me apologize if I didn't get back to your PM. Please send it again - we had spotty internet for a bit after Alex dumped so much water on us here and we just got dried out. I think I missed some things. Here is what is still for sale: Some of this stuff is TOO BIG to ship so unless you are fairly close to Houston, or want to drive for it, it is not worth it for me to try to ship to you, please just know that. SOLD LIST: Snowflakes in Motion Candy Canes Little Stars LED Icicles Bethlehem Star Mini Trees Here
  4. I just want to clarify something for all those who are interested in the wireframes: They are LARGE and I live in Houston, TX so unless you are within driving distance of Houston, it really isn't worth getting these from me. They are commercial grade which means that they do not come apart. They are solidly welded together and finding boxes for them will prove to be difficult not to mention the cost of shipping would most likely be greater than if you just bought them from a local store near you. These WireFrames were not bought at Walmart, they are from a Commercial Wholesaler that I kne
  5. Good Morning! Snowflakes in Motion are promised and so are the candy canes. The rest is still up for grabs and I do have pictures if you PM me with the item you are interested in I will send the pictures to you. Thanks Everyone! Angel
  6. Well, as much as I was going to keep the Christmas display going. Now we are moving and I won't be able to where we are going. Don't ask...LOL...anyway, needless to say I do need to sell my display. I have already sold the controllers, so it is just the rest of the stuff. I am willing to let it go for $750 plus shipping or I can piece mill it out. Anyway here is what I have so let me know if you are interested in anything and I will send you a picture of it. PLEASE NOTE: I don't have very many LED lights and I could not tell you if they are half wave or full wave. I never cared for
  7. Sorry everyone, computer has been down for a few days. I have not called on the colored fluorescents but I will on Monday. I was told they have them, i just don't know the size and the colors and most importantly the price. I will let you know what I find out. Angel
  8. Yeah I looked it up in my Camera Comparison Table for Video and it is definately not a good one for christmas lights or low light filming. Angel
  9. hmmm...where did you get the graphic???? Angel
  10. wow sorry to hear that Tony. Hey even if the programs and stuff got wet, you might be able to put them out in the sun for a few hours it will keep them from getting ruined with mold and stuff. Angel
  11. selahangel

    HELP with LEDS

    Dang the same thing happened to me last year. We got them up on the roof and about a week into the display half the string was out. We just tossed them. Not worth the hassel. I am not getting any more LEDs until they have a better product or China gets some good product regulations. It is so not worth it. You spend more fixing and messing with them than you would just going with incandescents and getting a power saver box. Angel
  12. I got Walmarts blue LED Icicles last year and put them up with my white incandescents....what a disappointment! The LED bulbs were so much smaller, you could not even see them from the street 25 feet away. They don't show up on the video at all. Angel
  13. Eeeekkkk! Sorry I would not even read this even if I did want to put a boat in the display. When I do stuff for people like this I ask them certain questions, maybe it will help you to ask yourself the same questions.... 1. How much time to people reading this have to devote to reading this? 2. Is this a light brochure to entice people, or is it the how to that I would be posting on a website or mailing to people who are already entered? 3. Who is my target audience? People who decorate anyway, or new people who might want to try it? 4. Can I read the key points
  14. I can't wait!!! I am two voice overs away from being able to send the cards LOL! :giggle: Angel
  15. Nah, I think it is for Athiests. They may not believe in God but hey they do believe Noah existed, so they just put up Noah's Ark instead of a Manger. **Ok, maybe not, but you can't blame me for trying** Angel :121_reindeer: (although this picture has nothing to do with Christ I thought it was very Christmassy LOL)
  16. HEEEELLLLLOOOOO OOOOOVVVEEERRRR TTTHHHEEERRREEE.......I yelled really loud, do you think he heard me? Switzerland is a long ways away! Angel
  17. Yeah I can see that. I live in a place where freecycle and Craigslist are used and close so that would not be a factor for me. The inner tubing would have to be constructed yes depending on the type of center pole you use.... For me storage would not be a problem, barns are for holding lights right? :giggle: I am just trying to think of a way to recycle a bit instead of the cost of all new material. I know there has to be a way to do it...my little brain will find a way - most likely at 3 AM LOL Angel
  18. They scan the UPC code on the box, the computer will tell them if it was on clearance or not. They refund price and sales tax. I've done it. Angel
  19. Trampoline bases can be taken apart. They shouldn't take up any more room than arches. Not trying to be obstinate here but it just got me thinking. Scott uses the rounded part for his arches and taped them, they look great and are really sturdy. I just thought the picture looked like a trampoline base, and it would already have holes drilled in it. Angel
  20. Forgive me but why would anyone buy all that pvc and bend it when all you have to do is go on freecycle or craigslist and get a trampoline base. They are already round, already 10 feet in diameter, and can be taped with duct tape to shield the metal from the lights and connectors. Am I just not getting this????? Angel
  21. Walmart does not require a receipt, but you will get a store credit in the form of a gift card. But I'm pretty sure you need the box for sure. Angel
  22. I still have one string packed away that would fall under this. Not sure if I still have the box though. Now I will be going through my stuff to make sure I didn't just get mad and throw them out LOL Angel
  23. I have this problem with some non removable bulbs. I am not a good splicer and my husband can't be bothered. I just wasted money on them. Angel
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