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    My children call me the crazy lady at christmas. I decorate in memory of my dad. It was his favorite holiday.
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    christmas decorations, restoring outside statues(gnomes)
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    Domestic Engineer
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    I decorate over 2acres each year including my house,carport, even my dog kennel, this year will be bigger. Went a little crazy buying blow molds. I decorate with blow molds, inflatables,wired animated and too many strands of lights to count. I brake up my yeard into various themes. I've even taken children's toys and made them into part of my decorations.
  1. I'm new to the site and forums. I started my christmas stuff when tag sales start. I've bought several things throughout the summer but my biggest start was within the last 2 weeks. Bought two truck loads of Blow molds to add to my 2 acres of various types of decoration. Tested all my stuff and now doing touch ups so I can start my putting up the decorations day after Halloween. Takes me about a month to complete. My kids call me the crazy lady of christmas.
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