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  1. sorry for your loss any sign shop should help like fast signs but you can find cheaper ones on the web good luck
  2. im looking for the older style snoop i have the newer one from Menards last year I got him as one of the first things I buy for my new display after having sold off all my old stuff now I need old snoop the one that is the same size but has the santa sack instead of tree
  3. you would not need 60 batteries though since you are not going to run them for 72 hours strait each set of 20 leds needs 4.5V you need 20 sets of lites if you hooked them all up to one set of battery you would only get 3.6 hour out of them if the math work out but I would use an RC racing pack they are usually 9.6V then hook 2 sets of lites in series so you have 40 lites on the 9.6V that will be OK then keep adding sets of 40 I bet you can add all 400 leds and still get a couple hours on one RC pack then just recharge it for the next time
  4. i agree post a pic of the box gemmy boxes will look a sertain way
  5. this thread is 3 year old I think he probably has figured it out by now ha ha but i suspect that your real purpose is just link spam thank to your link to the christmas tree farm that is sad and should be deleted by the mods
  6. inflatable are built like crap i had to sell my whole display off and they are the one thing i wont miss having around any more what a pain
  7. check out li ion battery packs or maybe nimh packs from the rc racing hobby check out batteryjunction.com thats where I buy my race batterys
  8. wow this thread back from the grave ha ha
  9. i wish i still had my old house and display i had to sell both due to some finances trouble but I am on the rebound now I was going to rebuild my whole display with RGB and pixcels this year but started too late so I will just be using some used incan I got for free. I use to have blow mold plywood and coro cut outs wire fraem the whole ball of wax all control by lor but that is all sold now.
  10. seem like a generater would cost more than your 400$ power bill tho heh
  11. how do you plug your lites into vegetable oil ha ha
  12. Have you tryed chrismas with the franks happy holly day medly i is great
  13. flood are ok but nothing look as nice as a wrapped tree
  14. if you live in areas where house were built in the 60s they have aluminum wire and it is dangerous it can cause your house to catch fire so a lot of people pull all the aluminum wire and rewire with copper they just throw it all in the dumpster I find it and take it it is usually 12 gauge wire and can be straightened and made into great props
  15. hope you all get that snicker bar you want or whatever other thing it is be good dont egg anyone ha ha
  16. no i live near St. Paul but some one here can probably help if you actually say wat your problem is
  17. i would be scared that people go through my display looking for cash through all my stuff I dont want people in my yard when display is up
  18. you are going to have to be a lot more clear about what you need did you read the manual what have you tried wat is not working for you??
  19. LED bulb are better but cost a lot I use to use cfl in my blow mold before I had to sell my display it work well enough even in our cold temp here better than paying for all that power anyway
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