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  1. I have approxamately 50,000 incandescent mini lights for sale. All but a couple thousand are used but in good working condition. Used lights are 1 cent each. New are 2 cents each. IE: a 50 count string is $.50, 100 count $1.00 I have Red, blue, green and multi colored. I have a complete set for a 10' mega tree. 24 strands, each with 50 bulbs Red, Blue, Green, Clear. They are designed to use with a 10' high pole. (I used 3" PVC) For a total of 96 50 bulb strand. This set I will only sell together. $48 for a complete mega tree. I also have multiple 100 and 150 bulb strings that were on
  2. You'll have to show up and find out.
  3. BMcGeeny


    I be there!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I'll be there. Yes. it's me. I'm still alive. I plan to do my entire settup in one day. Last year 12 of us did it in 3 hours. Cost me $65 in pizza though. November 6, 10:30 your all invited to help.
  5. Since the LOR are only 16 channels I would start with 20. You can allways work up from there.
  6. That's right, never throw lights away. In every dead string there is at least 22' of 22 Gauge wire. I have bundles of that wire from old dead strings. I just cut the wire out of the string. Then when I make up my string I solder a 22' extension (or whatever I need) to the end of my string. I had 16 Gauge cords that went to the controller, and all my controllers have 6' to 15' pigtails and all my props have 6' to 22' leads on them. With 320 channels and about 400 plugs, I used less than 2 dozen 18 gauge extension cords other than the controller power. Next year with a little better pla
  7. BMcGeeny

    Ice 2010

    Just keep in mind that the July 4th is on a Sunday this year and that may tie a lot of people up the last weekend in June. (9 day vacation) A week before would be better.
  8. I'm still waiting a couple more years. The Box Store LED are crap, look like crap, and fail. The vendor's that sell "top quality" have even had problems with their product. Think back to the early 60's. All our lights were C7 and C9. I remember Mini lights first coming out. They were crap. Dad bought some and half way through the year pulled them off the tree and put the C7's back up. Now we accept them and know how to fix them just the way they are. In a few years LED's will be all we have and we will learn how to fix them and the quality will be up and the price down. Until
  9. http://www.opto22.com/site/pr_details.aspx?cid=4&item=120A25
  10. No LOR here. My controllers are all DIY Renards. Yes, moisture can cause a channel to com on or partially come on. You can cover them with bags and they still may get damp inside. In funky wet weather condensation can form if the board is warmed and cooled. Many times when they dry out everything will be fine. It is possible that a Triac could be fried. I replaced two on one controller tonight. I noticed a couple days ago these would sometimes act up. Finally they were just stuck on at about 50%. Other than the fact that a channel stays on dim, it really should not hurt anything. I
  11. BMcGeeny

    I'm Lit!

    Yeah I came home tonight and everything was going as planned.
  12. Thanksgiving night, 4:30 PM Central. Has been that wa for over 40 years.
  13. I see you live in Plainview too. I live at 430 4th st sw

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