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  1. Ok so I have a laptop with a dead bat. Off brand and cannot find a replacement so I though I'd give the rebuild a shot Got it open and they are 2 1/2' by 5/8" have the part numbers ICR18650-22B Sansung SDI 453 The case on the pack says PST-75210 and it is rated at 14.8 V 4400mAh Tried allelectronics, can't seem to match them. Anybody got a source?
  2. There is a cow barn and a gas pump. It may not have been used in a while. Last time I was by it said $.29.9 And if you get there and there is no gas in the pump, I'll buy you a tankfull
  3. In just a few days all the lights will be up and I will be able to post photos,.....................so I am anouncing a contest for the best syncronization of my lights. It will be 162 channels and you can use any music you want. Just send me the sequences and on December 25 the winner will be announced. Grand Prize winner gets an all expense (provide your own transportation however) trip to Potsdam, Mn for New Years Eve
  4. Do they need to be axactly 2'? Menards has 18" and 36" both orange and green. Have a standard molded male and a molded 3 receptical female end. But they only have them in 1 1/2 ' and 3 ft' About $3.99.
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    Not sure where to post this so I just thought I'd say Hi. Im in SE Minnesota and we have quite a few really BIG displays in our little town. Seems my dad started something here and folks just ran with it. He put up his first display in 1978. In folowing years he decortated the Water Tower, city buildings, library and main street light poles. People also caught on. In 1998 we took a guess that there were 15,000,000 lights in town. Then it just went away. I've been trying to fire it up again, so we'll see if it grows from last year. Well enough, I just wanted to say hi and let you all kno
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