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    Nope, they are slow too. http://www.kidk.com/news/27789464.html Hits everywhere.
  2. I'm sorry you can't get this to work for you Chuck. Oh wait, I'm sorry, this is the wrong thread.
  3. Larry, You have made the most common sense look at LED's I have seen in all the discussions. I think almost anyone would agree that the cost is at best a wash. The durability is still undertermined. But what Larry brings up is C9's C7's and Floods, things that use lots of power LED's may make sense. Larry you would be able to multiply at least by ten the number of Bulbs/floods you use without having to upgrade power system. The only thing I would caution on is sample before you buy a bunch. I do not like the look of LED mini's and have seen some C9/C7's that look ok, plus some floods are
  4. Excuse me Tim, but haven't you been commited before?
  5. Are we talking a car wiper motor? Don't know where you got the motor, but if it's off an old car that has intermitant wipers you can use the switch. Not only does it slow it down, it will pause it, which would be cool on a Jack-In-The-Box
  6. Hah Hah, I got all the stakes pulled out of the ground today, even the 6' T Posts. The frost is gone at least 2' down. So that means, officially, EVERYTHING IS DOWN.!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Although I think I might come any weekend except the 16th of May. Fishing trip you know.
  8. What is the name and artist of the song? Thanks
  9. Might be because they went Belly Up!
  10. So there realy are people who have 800 amps available to run this stuff. Kewl
  11. Easter? This is Planet Christmas!
  12. What's a WWII Guitar/drums/controler? Is it some kind of army surplus deal?
  13. I also believe it is neccessary to distinguish between LED and incandesant. 140,000 mini lights on all at one time would take 462 amps.
  14. Part of it is the fact that more than half the fun is building the electronics. I just built 10 new 24 Ch boards all new for this year. I have just a little work on the wireing, IE: put the female plug extensions on 8 more of the boards. So that means I hav 240 new channels this year. I also have 128 chanells that I had last year that just went blinky blinky and I have converted them to dimy dimy. And then I still have another 182 Chanells on two boards that will never do anything but blinky blinky. That said playing with the DIY hobbie you usually end up with more than you can wire lights
  15. I've met him. Once you do your expectations will be shattered! ROTFLMAO
  16. Glad to see some Minnesotans are alive. Gary has been busy Ernie sorry to hear you took a fall. I have come so close several times this year. I got all my frozen cords and display items pulled loose and piled in the yard during that two days we had the warm/rain/warm that took all the snow. I just took everything loose one day after work in about 1 hour. Then it got cold again but since it was all loose I just had to take it in the shed and warm it before wrapping up cords. Tim All I have left is two strings in the trees I forgot about and a bunch of posts that will not com
  17. An extra 18" would make a difference to me. For most of what I put up on the house, around windows and eves I can do with my 2' Step ladder. That said, having done dryall work and working from drywall stilts I would not ever recomend going outside and working in the lawn with them. It takes very little to go down, even when you are good on them. I got good enough to go up and down stairs with them on and I still would not go on uneven ground without something to lean against should they slip. Steve, if you do decide to use them. Knee pads, elbo pads, hip pads and a helmet. Then go out
  18. I started with 320 working channels, and another 48 non working. I have acutally switched a little from all blinky blinky on off channels to 10 24 ch dimming controllers and 2 64 ch dimming controllers and 2 96 ch blinky blinky controllers.
  19. It seems nothing has been going on in Minnesota. Everybody up at the eelpout contest? Tim, got your lights down. Gary any new inventions. Ernie, how is the Ren-24 project going? SOMEBODY SAY SOMETHING
  20. Lookie Dis. Steve found somebody to do it for free! That's a big move up from where you were at last fall Steve!
  21. I got the rest of the lights off the windows, the stuff that gets removed from the posts down and one set out of a tree. I still have 2 miles of cord (120v and cat 5) frozen to the ground. Pluy most of the stakes and the wireframe deer. They are their till spring I am afraid.
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