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    Old guy that loves Christmas
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    I have mostly handmade wire frames, lights on all shrubs, and icycle lights on the house. I have a 48 channel Advantech USB controller with homemade SSR's.

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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies!
  2. Hello All, I just purchased a roll of C9 bulk wire and am now looking for dimmable C9 retrofit LED's to go in the empty sockets. Do you have any recommendations for a place to purchase good quality bulbs at a good price? Thanks! Rob
  3. RobDude30


    All I can say is WHEW! This is my first year going animated and I have spent the last 2 full days frantically getting everything working right. I really didn't have too many problems, but my lack of experience made the troubleshooting take a while. I found one bad CAT5 cable, one SSR that decided to quit working, and a programming problem with the show scheduler (something I didn't do right). Here's hoping the show will run without problems tonight!
  4. Forgot to mention one thing about sequencing. I use Vixen, but I'm assuming that you have a grid in LOR as well. Listing your channels in this order (from top to bottom) - Bottom, Top, Middle, O - will help with sequencing. It's a little hard for me to explain, but you typically use the Top lip along with either the Bottom or the Middle, so this order makes everything a little easier.
  5. I have 4 parts to my snowman mouth. An upper lip, a lower lip, a middle lip, and an O. I think you are on the right track with yours, however the more movements you make possible, the harder the sequencing is going to be. Less seems to be more when it comes to sequencing. Like s8830906 said, look in the mirror to get a good idea of what you need to do. Just resist the urge to make a move on EVERY syllable. Here's a short poor quality video of mine when I was testing:
  6. Welcome from Covington! You have a very neat display there - I like it!
  7. Very well said Dave!! I hope you don't mind, but I am going to pass this post along to my friends. This post was about a "New Shopping Tradition". While I agree that Jesus is THE reason for the season, we still all (likely) participate in the typical hustle and bustle in some way, buying foreign made junk that the recipient really doesn't care that much about. I think Dave made an excellent point about buying local American and buying well thought out gifts to give to our loved-ones. I'm going to do my best to do so this year. Rob
  8. With less than a month until light-up (Thanksgiving for me), just curious as to how everyone is coming along. I'm pretty much on schedule. I have my electrical nearly done, all hardware built and tested, 4 songs fully sequenced with a couple more in the works, and nearly all planned props built. I still need to make my coro Merry Christmas sign and buy a few more light sets. Hopefully everything will continue to go smoothly as I have been planning basically all year. How's your schedule looking?
  9. I just bought some incandescent mini's from Ron's Home and Hardware http://www.ronshomeandhardware.com/Christmas-Lights-Miniature-End-To-End-s/3261.htm
  10. Wow. I wish I could find it that cheap. The best price I could find locally was $20/sheet
  11. Done. mounted the coro to the wood frame last night and it looks much less noticeable than I thought it would. Thanks again for the help.
  12. Thanks all! You have confirmed what I have been reading about coro today. I guess it's screws and washers then.
  13. I've made a large singing snowman out of coro for this years show. My initial plan was to attach the coro to the wooden frame with screws and fender washers, and then paint the screws/washers so they weren't very noticeable. I'm to the point of attaching the two together now and thought that some sort of glue might be able to be used instead of putting holes through my snowman. Has anyone ever used a glue or epoxy that would work for coro to wood bonding? I have some Liquid Nails that I used to attach plastic molding to paneling and figure that it might hold. Any ideas?
  14. Sounds like you are using a half-wave dipole. For maximum range, it really needs to be vertical. You may know this already, but the center wire of the coax should be connected to the top half and the shield should be connected to the bottom half. If you are close enough to your traffic, you might be able to get away with having it horizontal or even using a telescopic antenna adjusted to the 1/4 wavelength for your channel.
  15. I plan to hang it on the side of my brick mailbox. My mailbox has shrubs around it that are about 3' high that I keep trimmed flat on top, so the sign will sort of sit on top of the shrubs and hang on the side of the mailbox like a picture.
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