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  1. I agree with the comments! Fantastic job! I wish I was able to sequence that well... Are you willing to share your work?
  2. didn't do anything and controller started working after a few reboots...strange.
  3. OK...I was out side and trouble shot some more (who else would be outside at midnight in December other than a LOR junkie?) I used my patched cable and bypassed my new controller and went to my old one (which was the next in the series). It was detected fine and was able to light various channels. It did not pass the signal to the next unit, but I believe the plug in may be broke...so I will have to look at getting that fixed. So it looks like the issue is with my new controller not working. I will swap it out tomorrow and see if that is all it takes. If that does work its a really bi
  4. As usual, late start for the year...and this is the first year I have had problems with my controllers being recognized by the computer. I currently have 8 controllers in the yard, two are new - 6 have been in use for the last few years. When I configure the network in the LOR hardware program it recognizes 5 some times, and then 6 at other times...never had it recognize all 8. Below are the details (I listed them in the order of the series they are ran in): Controller #07 - New controller for this year. Just opened the box, but I have had it for about 4 years on the shelf. Has a 50 foot
  5. I was out looking at displays tonight and I saw someone that had a static display, but had icicle lights that chased from top to bottom (as opposed to side to side)... Has anyone ever saw these or know where they can be purchashed? Phil
  6. Awesome. That should work. Ill give it a shot in a few minutes here! I don't know how I didn't find that on LOR. I spent 20 minutes looking... UGH!
  7. I switched to my netbook for my light show this year, and I can't find the driver for the USB to Ethernet adaptor. When I look in the device manager it comes up as "FT232R". Does anyone have this driver or know when it can be downloaded? I looked on the LOR site and it does not have the driver listed. Thanks! Phil
  8. Actually I just moved to Dalzell...right outside of LaSalle. Nice to see some locals on here! Thanks for the suggestions for the lights! Phil
  9. i was thinking...even if I space them apart by 12 inches, that would be 40+ strands at 50-60 foot in length each...times that by 3 or 4 colors so I am looking at 160 strands at 60 foot each... fyi...I am new to LED's, so any info would be great.
  10. I am looking ahead to 2011, and I want to do my roof (griswold style). I think LED's are the way to go for the roof for durability and longevity. I have not measured, but I am guessing my roof is 50-60 foot wide, by 40 foot long. I do have an interesting roofline that has a dormer in a section. I will post a decent picture within the next few days. I would like to upgrade to LED's, but would probably have to do 2 or 3 colors per strand, so I am looking at purchasing alot of LED's. Where is the best place to purcase by bulk at a year end sale? I also like the LED's to cut to fi
  11. ****...day late.... Got mini's, just need icicle lights!
  12. Is there a program that will automatically light up the channels based off of the bpm? I would like to run something that would automatically beat to the frequency of the input before my sequenced shows run vs only running off of the sequences programmed. I.E....I am looking for something to run in the early evening off of the radio vs the songs that I programmed to start at a set time. Thanks! Phil
  13. Good idea for a smaller mega tree! I might do that! Could a 10 foot tree be out of PVC, or should I go with black pipe? I have a 20 footer w/ 1 1/2" black pipe already... Phil
  14. All is good...I just came in on my break of hanging lights and was frustrated.
  15. Oh...and for the person that quoted the word "misplaced"...I never said misplaced. I said found. There is a difference. Nothing was ever lost...the stack I have been adding to over the years was just bigger than expected, and the controllers I pretty much knew I had. I just never had the room for expansion with my old house.
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