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  1. I haven't hung any yet,but have started testing the mini lights and seeing which ones are to faded to be hung and "retireing" them to the grass light box:)
  2. we use to use nothing but,multi for years though recently we've added clear to the display via wire frames,and things like that and TBH I think it adds some nice detail to all of the multi lights.
  3. IMO Sears Prices are Higher last year for example even when some stuff was 70% off it was still to high for me while at K-mart they had some of the same items that were 70% of and we got a better price because it was lower to begin with.As for Selection I think Kmart wins there as well because they seem to carry more stuff again at a lower price.
  4. maybe I'm one of the lucky ones but,Our stores seem to have more this year haven't really noticed of they have the one color strings or not.
  5. just wanted to add checked Home Depot They have them as well but have gone up in price
  6. walmart has gone up to,oh well just won't buy as many this year and maybe with the higher price maybe more will be left for the clearance sales:)
  7. Walmart here has them in multi,Target is going to have at least the replacement bulbs so I would assume they will have the sets as well.Haven't checked Home Depot or Lowe's yet but,will do soon.
  8. UPDATE:Lights have been tested now just waiting till Black Friday to start putting them up should be done by Sunday Hopefully:D
  9. I leave them on no need to take them off IMO because its not like the people are looking at the tags and not the lights and plus its not like they get in the way of hanging the lights at least for me.
  10. right now I'm testing all the lights and that sort of thing hope to finish that by the end of the weekend come up with some final ideas and relax WED. and Thanksgiving then come Friday all the lights start to go up
  11. This is one of my biggest problems as well, one other color that drives me nuts is pink that and blue seem to fade,chip and flake the most. With the weather we had last year which was a lot of rain then sun it killed most of my pink and blues tried the spray paint idea and it works well so if all else fails there's always that
  12. Same here almost all of my strings have been the right amount (100) but,I've gotten a few that were 99 and even 102
  13. I know Wal-Greens had Pink lights last year I think they were 70 light sets though but,I may be wrong.
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