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    West Boca Florida
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    Birthday Nov 1. Love to decorate my house for Christmas wish it was all year long.
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    Golf And Decorating My House For Christmas
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    TV Truck operator
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    I want to do a candy cane theme this year. I am adding about 5000 more lights this year. I will have 17 inflatables,snow blowing snow man,HOHOHO in red and green lights on roof with red adn clear chassers around roof edge.iceciccle lights, snow flakes and other yard art.
  1. I use thin wall sch 20 3/4" pvc from big box store I cut pcs about 8" long and cut slot in top for wire's candy canes fit nicely inside of pvc. And hammer into ground good luck hopefuly ground is not frozen were you live.
  2. Do you live in a area (city,county) that has code enforcement. Because they can enforce the parking problem. Your by-laws are enforcible by (city or county code enforcement) Good luck. And if you can for next year make a sign thanking him for blocking your display. And put an arrow pointing to his house and ask every one to knock on his door to thank him for his inconsideration.:giggle:
  3. I would like to see Tinker Bell as an inflatable it would make a great addition to my display. I would mount her on my roof high enough to make her look like she is flying.
  4. Realy mega tree, and awesome effects of lights to go with his mega tree. Sent him a message to introduce himself to the PC family I hope he replys.:santasmileyitty:
  5. Really cool :cool: mega tree.:D Glad to see you joined the PC family. Your hole set up is AWESOME yes you do like Christmas lights. How many lights do you have. Please introduce your self to the PC family. Charlie (boyish)

  6. thin wall or sch 20 3/4" pvc. The candy canes fit inside very nicely. make sure you cut notch for cords when you slip cane inside. I cut mine about 6-8" long no angle cut straight cut wooks good for me and i hammer them in the ground. Good luck.
  7. boyish

    10' Tree

    Yea the yard is kinda full:giggle:. But this is my first tree.
  8. boyish

    10' Tree

    Any body ever tried to put tree on there roof. 2700 lights on 6 channels. I came up with the idea of mounting 3" sch 40 pvc over one of my roof vent stacks. Made from two 5' pieces coupled in middle not glued. Tried it my self hope you all like.
  9. Mckenzie Family Christmas We run from 6PM-8PM M-T and 6PM-10PM F-Sun trying to keep coast of elec down. Went from 18 inflatables to 26. 15000 lights to 20000 and expanded MR Christmas from 6 channels to 32 On the roof there are 5 inflatables a 15' by 9' flag and a 10' tree with 2700 red and clear lights. 18415 Tapadero Terr Boca Raton Fl 33496
  10. We are just starting up, had a good mini this past September with another one in the works for springtime. We also did a group buy for strobes that was very successful. We are trying make it easier for Florida decorators to stay in touch, benefit from group buys and make sharing information by belonging to our group. There is no cost to join, just send us your contact info so we can put you on our mailing list.

  11. Looking great, turned mine on last night had a slight glitch but it worked out. will post pic's soon.
  12. Patti My name is Charlie and I live in West Boca Fl and I am interested in info on Fl Planet Christmas. Thanks Charlie

  13. yea i put 4 on roof last year here is a pic. am using 16" by 16" 3/4 ply wood this year to mount inflatable to with screws screwed 2 2by3's 16" long together and screwed two sets of 2by3's on opposite sides of plywood to lift off roof and put 4 7/8 solid brass cup hooks on each side of plywood. and use string and tie to more hooks on facia boards. and do same with teather lines. good luck if this is any help at all. only pics i have is from 08 did not use plywood in 08 still worked out well even in windy conditions only using on larger inflatables santa & sleigh and mickey on horse and new
  14. Im solo untill it's time for inflatables then grandkids are willing to help.
  15. They are 6 single hot wires for each power strip. Common and ground wires grouped in three's or two's. Did it this way so I can disconect the boxes.

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