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  1. Thanks, yea it sux, but i will jump back into the game one day,, hopefully, i love this stuff though.. life just bein very difficult atm, going through some not so kewl stuff atm.. all controllers and lights are SOLD,
  2. i have 3 LOR CTB16PC controllers 16 channels each 1 used only for 1 year 2 are new in packageing, never used will throw in software $600 which includes shippin n paypal fees have lots of led lights, all new as well, never opened, will post later
  3. Mine still has lots of mini's 100 cts, 50 counts. C-icicles. , some others as well, plus lots of other xmas junk, still like 4 full isle's
  4. LoL, "banned" , "not allowed", ahh i needed a good laugh.i buy my wife a lil something and shes good to go an forgets bout it all, which reminds me, i bought myself a few things off ebay last night, kinda expensive so i need to hit the store and buy a lil somthing
  5. I was @ Walmart just a bit ago. checked out what they had left for lights 3 cases of green on green mini's 3 cases of red on green mini's 4 cases of blue on green mini's 10 cases of multi on green mini's 100ct boxs Thought i try and help anyone else looking.
  6. so how many of you out there sittin there refreshing the page every 3 seconds ???lmao
  7. so um......yea........alot waiting for this???
  8. When ever they decide to do it, im sure a link will be posted to it. no worries
  9. I been in the Murfreesboro and shelbyville area, No more green LEds i was only to get my hands on 22 boxs and that was it. I think at this point in time, might be pointless to hit tullahoma and check things out.
  10. 15 widescreen ans yes i did put LOR2 on it, used it to run this years show.
  11. oh..well i'd say begining of 08, may, june, somewhere around there, rarely used it,
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