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  1. My wife loves this! She helps put up the lights and design the look of the house (not the show, but the layout.) She loves to do math so she had a blast planning out the Mega tree dimmensions and the amount of lights we needed last year. We bought a new house so she gets to do it all again. She is 100% behind me. She wants to get another 16 channel this year during the sale, but with the new house I had to tell her we could wait till next summer sale.
  2. My wife doesn't care for multi color either. The option really is all white or all different solid colors. We are animating it.
  3. I have moded the antena on a Belkin Tunecast II and you can hear it clear with line of site. Which is nice since there is no reason to hear it if you can't see the lights.
  4. Hey All, I will be using 5 mini trees built from the floral easel design. I cannot decide what color to use, and wanted your guys input. I can do all 5 white. All 5 differnat solid colors (Green, White, Red, Blue, Purple.) Or do all 5 with multi color. What have you guys done that has worked well. I am afraid to do all white because I want there to be depth, and some people down the street might not be able to notice the change it is it all white. Thanks.
  5. Hello All! I am working on my first show this year and just wanted to say HI! I will post all my sequences once I get done with a few. Anyone have a good site to use to post these? Also if anyone has Whitney Houston's Star Spangled Banner or a good version of Do you Hear what I Hear sequenced would you be willing to share? I am about done with WH National Anthem, but not very happy with the result. I hope to be around for awhile so any tips you have would be nice!
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