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    I very inquisitive person always wanting to learn more; and help others.
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    Bass fishing !!!! Reading, baseball cards& memorabilia, thinking of stuff
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    I have done a good job ( I guess?) Last year I had about 15-20,000 lights, but I lost over 7,000 of them when I moved from Richmond.Currently I am looking forward to going to the next level and replacing all that I lost.(as long as the neighbors don't mind)
  1. Christmas World this is a great topic to discuss but one thing you forgot to factor in is the cost. Most Incad.(incandescent) light strings (at least at the big box store near me) cost $2.70 per box. Each of the boxes contain 100ct lights and are about 23ft long. LED on the other hand are about $7.00 a box. Each box contains 50ct lights and are 13ft long. So for every string of Incad. lights that I replace with LED will cost me about $14.00. Thats an $11.30 difference per single color string. So to replace my 40k lights with LED would cost $5,600 where incad would cost $1,080. Thats a difference of $4,520. Aside from an electrical panel upgrade, It would take a lot of years to recoupe the difference in price for an actual savings by going led. And to be honest I don,t think that the strings would last long enough to actually recoupe the initial investment cost.
  2. You can try a local electrical supply store. If you take them a bulb they might be able to match it up.
  3. Really nice display. I like the cutouts and the manger scene in the mega tree.
  4. I have made the "moving water effect" by hacking a chase light controller and connecting the leads to 3 plugs, then set the controller on chase and plug in each of 3 strings in the controller.http://computerchristmas.com/christmas/link-how_to/HowToId-32/4_channel_8_function_3Amp_animation_controller_for_5 this is a link to the controller I built. Just remember the first 3 wires going to a light each go to a plug the other is the common and you need to split that wire to all 3 plugs. you can get quite a few nice affects with this cheep little controller.
  5. Check out Tackylighttour.com You can view as a guest.
  6. Vk I just bought all the green my local Lowes had in stock. You should check (and I shouldn't post this) the out of the way stores in areas where people don't do large displays. Call the store and see what they have in stock, then talk to the store director. If you explain that you are going to buy a large quantity usually they will give you a nice price break. I bought 18 strings of green and told the director of the store the white were on sale but not the green and if I bought all the green would he drop the price to the sale price and he told me no problem; but call around some stores have a lot of inventory if you are willing to drive to get it.
  7. I have to agree. If you want a nice blue you need led.
  8. Hey Gary, I know you are excited about all the displays but remember most of us started small just like you. I know you want to go animated but start small, or even get the program for the controller that you want to use to practice programming. Programming is the heart of the show. As you have said you have watched a lot of the videos and you can tell the difference in the quality of the programming (smooth fades, and transitions) but programming takes a lot of time (a LOT of time), usually about 10 hrs or more for each min. of song. The last song that I did was Christmas Canon by Trans Siberian Orchestra and I have about 64 hrs in the programming of this 4min song. The next thing is hit the after Christmas sales to get lights for next year. This is when you get the best deals on lights. You might be thinking why go out and buy 32 or more boxes of lights after the holiday? Well if you get a 16 channel controller and connect 2 strings per channel you just used all 32 boxes, also they are great to have around for new display items you build later on, and if one of your display Items develop a short, or half the bulbs on a string go out (Murphy's Law) you can do a quick string replacement. Most of all have fun! There are some great people on here that can help you out of most of the problems that you run into.
  9. Lee thats unreal. I think I see a house in there, but not sure. LOL.
  10. Love the display. How or what are you using to suspend the angels above the manger. I am so jealous of that manger setup.
  11. VK you are correct; I don't want to over do the controller (although I know that it can handle the load)but more the circuit breaker. With all 8 trees lit up in one color with 3 strings it is a current draw of 7.92amps (.99amps per tree). With some of the fades and color runs that I programmed I think I will be maxing about 10-11 amps. With 4 strings lit up in 1 color the current draw is 10.56amps (1.32amps per tree) and with some runs about 12.5-13.5 amps. Its the 13.5 amps on a 15 amp circuit breaker that has me somewhat worried.
  12. I have 8 6ft. trees to wrap. Has anyone done this with 300 lights per color? I get near the top and it looks like I need to add another string, but don't want to go over 1 amp per channel on my controller, any ideas?
  13. I am playing Winter Wonderland, Music Box Dancer (my favorite), Carol of the Bells, Amazing Grace (techno edit), 34th Street Overture, Jingle Bells, and Christmas Canon (TSO). Sort of a mix of the traditional. I wanted to do "I Got A Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas and the song "Christmas Shoes" but I ran out of time to do the programming.
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