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    Ended in 2012. 100,000 lights, 80 strobes and alot of blowmolds. Computer animated

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  1. I used to turn on the lights Thanksgiving night. I would run it a few days after Christmas.
  2. I am need 6-10 strings of 100 count clear incandescent lights on white wire for a upcoming wedding. Anyone have some to sell?
  3. Wireframes and some of the blowmolds have been sold. At this time. I do not have anything else available..... Scott
  4. So sorry about that. As Mike said, I am in Sherman IL which is 5 miles North of Springfield IL. I will also say this. I am selling everything as a package deal... I have had offers to buy the ducks only, or some of the frames only. I prefer a singe buyer. The wireframes alone are worth the asking price. If it doesn't sell, then it goes back into storage. That is the way I prefer to sell it as I did my Christmas display. I will also be lisitng, Valentines Day wireframes, Saint Patrick Day wireframes soon. Thank You.
  5. I am selling the following Easter Items. I am selling it as a package deal. 3 wireframe Easter Bunnies approx. 52 inches tall. All Bunny lights work. 3 wireframe Easter wagons with colored eggs. Approx. 37 inches tall. All wagon lights do work. 5 large plastic Easter Eggs 5 Medium plastic Easter Eggs 3 Union Products Ducks with light cords. 18 inches tall. All 3 in good condition. Stamped 1995 4 Large Empire Plastic Rabbits. 35 inches tall. 2 male / 2 female Male - P/N 28-5567 Female - P/N 28-5587 2 Small Empire Plastic Rabbits. (Dated 1994) 24 inches tall. 1 male / 1 female Email me at [email protected] for more details. Buyer pick-up only (Will Not Ship) Selling for $400.00 CHECK OUT MY CLASSIFIED ADS ON PLANET CHRISTMAS...
  6. Hello fellow blow molders, It has been awhile since I have posted on PC, almost too long. Xavierlights celebrates its 10th anniversary at its current location and its final season. Soon, I will be making a list of all the blow molds that I will be posting here for sale. I am selling the entire display after this season as the love for the display is no longer there. I have been told that I will know when I am ready to give it up and this is that time. The final day of this year display will be December 28th which at that time, items willl be available to purchase. At this time, I will NOT be selling any of my LOR boards, as I plan to use them for halloween next year. Please keep watching here for photos to be added soon as I will have several hundred blow molds for sale. Thank you Scott Loftus Owner and creator of "Xavierlights"
  7. http://richmond.craigslist.org/for/2436569120.html 16 pieces for best offer on craigslist
  8. excellent haul. I use candles and candy cane molds as a fence by the road.
  9. Keep looking at garage sale and local auctions. I find alot this way.
  10. in Illinois, it would not be legal. If you notice on a car, Amber color lights are used for running and turn signal. Newer vehicles use red for turn signals in the rear of the vehicle.
  11. I find most of my molds at garage sales and auctions.
  12. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110602315225&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT The Empire Red Santa Train is now listed.
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