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    The first year we had our display up, we had 100's of people who thanked us for providing something the community could enjoy and didn't require anything in return for doing so!
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    Having fun!
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    Software Developer
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    1st Time full scale
  1. This is so fun. It's great to see the kids smile as they pass the house. That would be the grownup kids too! I made the feature article today: Main page (12/16/08 only) : http://www.fredericksburg.com Article archive: http://www.fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2008/122008/12162008/432281 Archive Video: http://www.fredericksburg.com/News/Web/2008/122008/1216HolidayLights/ Here's our site for more information: http://www.fredericksburglights.com Happy Holidays! Howard
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