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  1. Do you have any red or blue mini's 100-count, green wire left and if so...price?

  2. I have the following lights for sale: 125 - Walmart 100ct Blue on Green Wire - $1.25 per box + shipping 100 - Hobby Lobby 100ct Green on Green Wire - $1.25 per box + shipping 100 - Hobby Lobby 100ct Red on Green Wire - $1.25 per box + shipping All lights are new. I will unbox them to save on shipping if you'd prefer. Thanks for looking.
  3. Chuck, I know that some Dell computers I have seen do this and that Matrox among others makes video cards that will do this to some extent to get to 4 monitors from a 2 DVI ports, but I know that this is not common to all cards just because they have DVI out. Why else would they make this.... http://www.overstock.com/Electronics/128MB-PNY-Quadro-FX1000-AGP8x-Dual-DVI-Video-Card/2494571/product.html?searchtype=HP_Header&keywords=128MB%20PNY%20Quadro%20FX1000%20AGP8x%20Dual%20DVI%20Video%20Card
  4. Steve, You have two video ports... one is on the motherboard and one is on the NVIDiA based card. I say NVIDIA based card because it is probably based on an NVIDIA chip but the card is manufactured probably by someone else. This is the way they do it. It will not work hooking one to the motherboard connection and one to the video card, don't bother trying that. On your card I guess then you only have one output? Joel
  5. Steve your card should be able to do this... see http://www.nvidia.com/page/pg_20030304335345.html What kind of connector/connectors do you have on your machine? Joel
  6. Splitter only works if you want the same image on both outputs. You are better off hooking one to VGA and one to DVI. So that you have the option of displaying the same thing or extending your desktop to a second monitor or a projector. With most displays you cannot tell any difference at all between VGA and DVI.
  7. Definately do not need a "splitter" with that new of a video card.
  8. Yes you definately can. It would probably be easiest to hook one in DVI and one into VGA. After you hook it up it may prompt you with somehting like (Display configuration depending on your OS). I would just cancel that and right click on the desktop and select "NVIDIA Control Panel" This should open a new window... Under Display there is an item called "Set up multiple displays" If you click on that it will walk you through the set up. If you have troubles let me know and I can remote into you computer and help you out if you have trouble figuring it out... good luck. Joel
  9. Simpler... I say the lights will go on in 3...2...1...! Cue the guy with cords. They should have put a do not try this at home message at the bottom of the screen....
  10. Thanks guys... steve has got me hooked up with 5 of them. That should be plenty. Thanks everyone so much for looking. I may end up turning these into a high value item ala green lights on white wire once you see what I am working on. Get em while they are cheap.... lol. I think I may be the only person in the world that actually bought any of these. Thanks again. Joel
  11. Now that is just pathetic. Shoot me a pm and I will send you a spare.
  12. I bought 8 boxes of these stars at Big Lots for 50% off last week thinking of duhhhh a 4th of July project (obviously). I was wondering if anyone has or has seen some of these that they could pick up for me. They are stars made from plastic and come in a string of 5. I have 8 boxes and need 2 more at least and would like to have 5 or 6 boxes if possible for spares. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I am now officially out of LEDs. Duane I will PM you with a final count of available multis tonight. Thanks that was fun.
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