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    I love decorating for Christmas and Halloween. I have a big haunted house for halloween and do a huge display for Christmas also. With my other free time I collect Star Wars and do lots of Bar B Q.
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    I add more and more each year. I have about 10-15 blowmolds, 3 inflattables and about 5,000 lights along with wood cut outs.
  1. I'm hoping to get started sometime this week. Just wondering when to turn them on though:confused:
  2. I'm wondering how to put up blowmolds on the roof without causing damage to the roof. Like how to attach Santa sleigh and reindeer to the peak and how to build a plywood platform on the lower part of my roof. Sorry if this has been discused, I coudn't find anything. Thanks for any help
  3. Just a quick hello again. I've been away from the boards for a while, great to be back. Thought about this forum after finding some blowmolds at some garage sales.
  4. Well I tried the squirt gun, got a good sniper shot didn't budge. Then I kept squirting him, after unloading the gun and a soaking wet cat I went over picked him up put him down on the floor. I walked away to fill my squirt gun again come back and back in the village again. Well I guess I mad him mad kind of looked like a godzilla movie, many people died. So as I cleaned up the carnage I discoved something, somebody had spilled some catnip on the "snow" I guess he just needed a fix. I cleaned up the cat nip sprayed some Febreeze and he hasn't been up on the village for a few hours. Hope it kee
  5. I guess I'll quote myself. Well the new ones I bought are all fogged up:(. Has anybody tried that Dri-z-Air pellets in the container placed next to the fans maybe it would help, I might try it out. Other than that any other good ideas to dry them out?
  6. Thanks for all the replys. Locking him up is not really an option he just destroys the room he's locked up in. I do like the mouse trap idea, what kind of bait should I use;). I try to scare him away from the village (stomping, yelling, clapping etc..) but he just looks at me like so.. Here's a picture of the little PUNK!!!!
  7. awsome!!! Man I hope my yard looks like that in a few years.
  8. I need some ideas to keep my cat out of my wifes village. While asleep or away from home Wicket our cat likes to take the village people hostage and hide them through out the house, or some die in the village it self. Anybody have ideas that don't include locking him up that just makes the hostage taking and killing worse.
  9. I've had decent success except for the merry go round. It got twisted up than I untangeled it only to have it tangle again, now it dosen't spin but thats ok. Today picked up a snowglobe and another merry go round $30 each at a grocery store, hope they work out.
  10. I set up everything yesterday. I still have some more lights to put up but the molds, blowups and wire frames are all up. I'm hoping to buy a few more blowmolds this year if I can afford it. The neighbors were having a birthday party everyone came over for a look when it was all lit up, Smiles Everywhere!
  11. After reading all the replys I still don't know what would be the best way to go. Do the multi color stands last longer than the single color strands? Also which brand would be the best minus the high price brands? I live near Seattle so we get lots of rain, but it dosen't get very cold. Any ideas?
  12. Just got signed up and wanted to say hi. Also a couple questions if this is the correct place for that? Are the LED lights any good if so which ones (C-9)?
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