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    Married.....with children! 3 to be exact. Volunteer firefighter and training officer for county hazmat team.
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    2009-First year animated with 32 channels and 35,000 lights.

    2010-80 channels and about 45,000 lights. New this year will be a 20' megatree, arches and a secret project that will be revealed in November.

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  1. Glad to see new people from Wisconsin. Of course you all have to be in the southern part of the state where you are 2 hours away from me. We have a descent amount of displays in northeast Wisconsin but only a few of us on the forums. A lot of us veterans have moved to another forum though. Check out www.Holidayuniversity.com. There is better info over there and less political bs.
  2. It is not how much but how it is displayed. I'm not trying to pick on blowmolders because I like them myself but I have seen displays cluttered with them on every square inch of space. To me, it is too much. But that is my opinion and taste. The people that do those displays think it looks awesome but might think mine isn't very good. I think a good display should have a moderate amount of lights everywhere spread out evenly. Having decorations like blowmolds, inflatables, or other stuff like that really helps. Having lights and only lights, to me, is kind of boring to a certain extent
  3. It's worth a shot especially if it is free.
  4. Do you have some lights to spare? That would be ideal but I can only put so many lights in that corner before it doesn't look right. I do like the previous idea of putting lights above the photocell idea though. I don't know how I would get power across the street though.
  5. Just an FYI to anyone annoyed with street lights shedding too much light on your display. I recently wrote a letter to my village board asking them to disable the street light in front of my house because it was too bright. They replied back and said it was fine and said they could have the local electrician look at it and see what needs to be done. They said I would have to pay for it but figured it wouldn't be that much. I told them I couldn't afford anything right now so I said don't bother if there is a cost. So I guess what I am saying is if you want that street light out in your
  6. I just use gutter clips that can slide under the shingles. I just slide them under enough so they stay but without going to far and damaging the shingles. It works fine. I want to make a j channel frame this year but not sure how to attach that to the roof.
  7. Happy Birthday Bud. It was great meeting and talking to you.I really learned a lot talking to yourself and others also. I also want to thank you for letting me borrow your pen. Talk to you again take care.

  8. Carrie, Thank you very much for hosting this great party!!! I had a lot of fun and it was great meeting so many people that share the same great hobby. The presentations were awesome and the people that put all this together deserve a round of applause. I also want to thank your husband and son for putting up with us. My 16 year old stepson was giving me a hard time for going to a christmas light convention until I explained just how much technology is involved in this stuff. It isn't just lights anymore. Thanks again!
  9. Darrel it was great meeting you too. Hopefully we will make it down there to see yours. As far as the surprise, it is something I haven't seen anyone do yet. I am excited to see how it turns out myself. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint!

  10. Hi Shaun It was nice to finally get to meet and talk with you. I love you display and all the elements you have going on with-in it.Sooooo! what's the BIG surprize to be revealed in Nov.????LOL......I'm sure it will be fantasic!!! Stay in touch Darrel Schweissinger from Racine

  11. Why not Denver, CO? That sounds pefect. I honestly don't care that much where it is as long as it is cheap. $300 is just plain outrageous for PLUS. If it is more than $50, I won't be there. The mini in Chicago is less than that and it will be big enough.
  12. Sorry about your arm! I've been lucky not to break anything since I have been doing it but I did have some good heat exhaustion from a grain bin fire once. Get well soon and stay safe!
  13. As far as everything goes right now with WAM, the people that have responded is very low. It doesn't seem like there is much interest so far. I also have more things on my plate right now then when I first started planning this event. With that being said, I am not going to host and plan WAM 2010. If someone else wants to take it, go right ahead. I'm sorry for those of you that were interested, but too many things have come up that are more important right now. If the turnout would have looked better, I probably would still do it, but there is only a few people that were a pretty much fo
  14. You still don't have all your lights down yet? What, do you have 200,000 lights or something? Oh wait, never mind. Are you going to the Chicago mini? If so, I might be interested in some.
  15. Back to the original post....... Although you can figure it out on paper to work, I highly doubt you would be able to make this work perfectly. I think some ideas already stated are good and you might want to investigate further but every idea has its cons, which Tim was pointing out. Even if you can get a lrge blower for cheap, how loud is it? The small blowers are loud enough, IMO, a large one would wake up the neighbors. Where are you going to store all the duct work in the off season? These are all things you should consider along with the other ideas. IMO, I think it isn't worth
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