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  1. Elfvis and the Grinch's different take on the Whip Nae Nae song..."I like some ham -n- eggs!!!!"
  2. custom built animatronics halloween prop controlled by Light-O-Ramalocated in Round Rock TX
  3. Olaf from Frozen sings Christmas songs with Elfvis, the Grinch and the Kringles, all handmade animatronics computer controlled Light-O-Rama Christmas light display in Round Rock Texas
  4. Olaf animatronic performing"Do you want to build a snowman by Stellar Kart"in Round Rock TX Light-o-rama Christmas Light Display
  5. Elfvis, the Grinch and Olaf from Frozen performing animatronics in Round Rock Texas Computer controlled Christmas Light Display to music
  6. LOR works for me….As for the audio, you will need to pan each audio track (one to Left and the other to Right) and then combine the 2 back into a stereo track.
  7. I use air cylinders and 12v solenoid valves controlled by LOR CMB16D-QC…sketch out your design and figure out what movements you want your character to do…FYI- I might be teaching a class at the upcoming LSH Academy http://www.lonestarholidays.com/events/the-academy/
  8. 1st video of the season! A holiday twist for ya!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hg-J9AeCjJQ
  9. Christmas light display in Round Rock, TX featuring Elfvis and the Grinch, singing and dancing animatronics with over 30,000 led lights sync to music...go to elfvis.com for more info
  10. Thank you...thank you very much!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!
  11. If y'all happen to be in the Abita Springs area, check out Deck the Lawn....more info at Facebook.com/deckthelawn or www.elfvis.com
  12. Thank you...Thank you very muucchhh!!!! Elfvis
  13. Thank you...thank you very muuuccchh!!!!....Elfvis
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