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  1. The Mini-PLUS was as Great as the previous events. What made it memorable was the wonderful venue being in Solvang. We had folks come it from So-Cal, the central valley and Northern Cal. It was great seeing friends and meeting new friends. The presentations were all very informative with new products being introduced from Reinders and other venders. Special thanks to Mikey and Howard Martin for putting together the event and also to Sheri for the Delicious Tri-Tip lunch (was to die for - YUM). Watching 'Mr. Christmas' movie while eating lunch was a nice touch. I hope to apply all that I have learned, to this years display and perhaps motivate other fellow Christmas decorators in our area and beyond. We look forward to next years Mini-PLUS as we wouldnt want to miss out on the Great fellowship we all share.
  2. We are on the way to Beautiful Solvang with Mickey in tow. We are so excited to be there. So we'll see you all soon.
  3. Barry - You have to make it out to the Mini. You are my mentor and I seek knowledge from you. The masses are calling for Barry. See/Hear ... B A R R Y, B A R R Y, B A R R Y, B A R R Y !!! The get2gether will not be the same without Barry.
  4. Hey there Howard and Mike, I feel honored that you view me as someone who has cool stuff but the truth is ... I dont really have the cool stuff. LOL YET! muhahaha! On a serious note, I dont feel that I myself am educated enough to try and educate others as I am still learning how things work. I do plan on putting together another video presentation from our 2012 display to share with you all ( if you will allow me ) and within the video, may include a seek peek of the projects we are currently working on for 2013. ( God willing ) So no promises on the latter part, but we are trying hard to make it happen.
  5. Hi everyone, It is five weeks away from the Mini-Expo. Who is making it out to Santa Ynez? How are the activities coming along? Should we bring any food for lunch?
  6. The Mini-Expo is just under two months away !! We are getting excited about seeing our friends again and meeting new friends. We have told some of our local Christmas display enthusiasts about the Mini-Expo. They seem interested in attending but we may have to set a fire under their feet to get them going. As for us, we have already booked a hotel in Santa Maria to stay the night before the Mini since the drive/trip is such a long journey. Then after the Mini we will head south to our Favorite place on Earth or better known as 'The Happiest Place on Earth'. We fiqured since Santa Ynez is already so far down south for us, we decided to turn the initial trip into a Disneyland Trip !! Eh, Why not? Right? - Disneyland is where we get most of our inspiration for our lightshow. So hope to see everyone soon. We can't hardly wait !!
  7. Christmas is not too far away from now. Shouldnt we be having a get 2 gether soon to share ideas, see friends and meet new friends? I bet Barry has lots to share about RGB stuff again. What do you all think?
  8. Totally Awesome !! Looks like a lot of work in your new house. Fantastic!!
  9. Special Thanks goes to 'funtobewith11'/Paul for the inspiration. Magical Holiday Moments Halloween lightshow 2012 is a tribute to Disneyland in Fairfield, Calif. This is our 3rd year animating our Halloween display. We used 64 channels of Light-O-Rama to control a twelve piece pumpkin choir, tomb stones, strobe lights, inflatables, mini ghosts, and more pumpkins. We hope you enjoyed the show. Please check out our other videos. Feel free to comment on this video. Thanks for watching, from Magical Holiday Moments
  10. So here are only a few NEW videos from our annual Halloween lightshow 2012 For your enjoyment.
  11. We just got back in from the Best MiniExpo in all of California and boy are we beat. Almost five hours later and we're still talking about what a Great time we had. It was wonderful seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new folks that now have our decorating disease. All the presentations were very informative and the 'Mr. Christmas' show was unforgetful. A BIG THANKS goes out to Howard and Family and any others for putting together a Tremendous event. We hope this MiniExpo continues its already Famous Legacy.
  12. Okay, So I've got a question . . . What time does the festivities start?
  13. Is it August yet ?? We'll be there !!
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