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    Started the outdoor lighting October 2008 and have been addicted since. When I'm not preparing for the next Christmas display, I'm a small business owner of an IT Management company. We provide strategic technology guidance for small and medium businesses as well as day-to-day operations of remote networks.
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    The display has grown from 32 channels the first year to 208 channels the second year. I use 2 D-Light controllers and 11 LOR controllers along with the LOR2 software. The display features 4 leaping arches, 18' megatree, 14 outlined windows, 9 artificial trees, 6 mini trees, and wrapped trees.

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  1. The O Holy Night is by Becoming the Archetype? I probably listen to music for 20 hours each spring to find about 20-30 potential songs. I put a lot into finding music that appeals to a wide range of people. I probably don't always nail it perfectly, however, I do make it a point to talk to lots of visitors. This is probably the first year where I've received compliments equally from young and old. I run an after hours show with very slow selections. The lights BARELY fade just to give them "life". I use Jessie Kol's Away in a manger and Mannheim's stille nacht. I saw all my neighbors kept t
  2. Been a while since I've been as active on this forum as I'd like. It's been a wild year trying to prepare for the show this year. I've posted videos in the past, so I thought I'd pass along this year's show vids. The quality isn't perfect as the RGB nodes are just so bright it's hard to capture accurate color information without a fixed aperture camera. At the time, I don't have that available to me. http://www.liptonlights.com/Pages/2012Videos.aspx Hope you all are off to a wonderful lighting season!!
  3. Too funny! I had the same problem this year. I snagged a security cam pic of the car and wrote a blog post about it. I made it humorous (I think) and just rolled with it.
  4. I have another post in the synchronized displays where I have more detail. You had asked about it looking like a movie in the windows. I created all of my sequences this year based on custom videos I created for the show. If you imagine the visualizer as the tv screen, if you were to play a video on top of where your lights were drawn, you could automate the intensity and color of your display elements based on where they appear in the visualizer. Every element in the display this year was automated in this fashion with the exception on some songs where I manually animated the snowflakes, Bet
  5. For the windows, that is a project that evolved over the last 3 years. Initially I started by measuring my windows and making custom pegboard panels that fit tightly inside every window. I made 15 of these panels. To that, I glued in several hundred (red, green, and clear lights) lights in every pegboard. The holes in pegboard was just the right size for mini lights. This year, I added a lot of pixelnet nodes to the show. The pixelnet allows individual control of each individual bulb. I can mix color and brightness. To make the windows (and I'll be posting pictures soon), I took some recta
  6. This is a really great sequence. You really complimented the beauty of the music with the lights. "From night to day" and the lights changed from red to green... Really wonderfully done!
  7. Look what's required to secure mega trees in the lawn before getting too far along on the roof idea. Also look at what's required to secure a Holdman star to the roof. I don't want to unnecessarily scare you from doing it, but many members have had mega trees go down in strong winds. I now use 48" rebar driven approximately 38" in the ground. I also use a 72" fence post stake to keep the center post from moving. Lastly, the emt conduit must be staked in a few places to keep the lights straight / tensione at the base. Also consider that if a mega tree blows off a roof as opposed to falling
  8. My first year I added a couple of circuits to the garage. My second year I increased to 24 circuits- 8 20 amp and 16 15 amp. For the 15 amp addition, I added two mobile sub panels. The sub panels use 50 amp 220v range plugs to feed the circuit boxes. 1. If / when I move, the new owners will definitely worry about Frankenstein bodies roaming the property. "Who needs this much power in their garage?!?" 2. I'm embarrassed to admit that we converted all major appliances to gas. Now, they were over due for replacement, but we're gas for heat, hot water heater, oven and stove, and dryer. As led
  9. I've gone uber low tech. 18" rebar in the ground. Zip tie through the security hole on the size of the LOR box to the rebar. If I had a real security issue I'd do more, but so far, I've not had any issues. This also helps ensure the box stays closed during the season - with some of the rain we've received this year, it's worked well. I do pay a little more attention to the boxes further from the house. For the boxes right next to the house, I didn't even use rebar this year. I just propped them up against the house behind the shrubs. If they come wandering in the yard far enough to
  10. That really is an impressive display of pixel nodes / control. I'm curious what they used to playback the show... With my 4166 nodes, I push a little over 1 Mb per second. Compressed HD is what? Between 3-6 Mb? That's like streaming HD in pixel data. Very, very impressive indeed. I really liked the "snow" at the end... Just amazing!
  11. Jason- For the stepped fades you're seeing, it looks like you're seeing the stair stepped issue when using DMX on your LOR boxes, but not when using LOR native protocol on your LOR boxes - am I correct? We aren't talking about the E680 / E681 controllers with the issue, correct? I wonder if what you're seeing is the actual "digital" stair step of the 8-bit output in DMX. I'm supposing that the LOR protocol may have a smoothing process occurring in the output stage of the controller? When operating in DMX mode, I bet that's not possible, so you're actually seeing DMX values changing, for
  12. Very cool suggestion for the Abyss, and a very safe suggestion. I'd be tempted to go the Abyss route or the "bridge look" by putting up rails on each side of the street, perhaps with a sign or something related to the bridge crossing. I'd be worried about any number of things happening with a temporary item in the road. Cars starting and stopping, turning the steering wheels, and driving too fast are things outside of your control. With relatively little movement from the protective item, you can quickly wear the insulation off of the lights - if metal is used as the bridge crossing, you'v
  13. I've got a similarly sized show to dave in terms of pixels, but I'm using 2,250 - 2,800 timing marks per song. LSP died when trying to export those files to LOR. Ultimately I chopped my show up into 30 second clips, exported to LOR (which created 200 MB files of 30 seconds of sequence), did some script processing on them, converted to xlights format, and combined everything back together. It's painful, but it's doable. I will be posting a complete workflow for how I did it this year. Unless the software improves dramatically in 2012, I'll be using the same workflow for next year!
  14. I have around 5,000 channels running this year, and like Aussiephil, I had a real challenge getting the show to do what I wanted. While I had 5,000 channels, I also had anywhere from 2,250 to 2,800 timing marks at 5,000 channels per song. Ultimately I had to break my show up into 30 second chunks, process the heck out of it with external scripts, and play it back with xlights. My 30 second LOR files were 200 MB in size each and my entire show in LOR format was 9.4 GB, not counting wav files. That was only 32 minutes of show when subtracting repeated songs. The end result has been amazing,
  15. I had a pretty funny experience last night - it's not the first time it's happened, but it's the first time I really got a good laugh out of it. I was handing out candy canes - it was relatively calm at the time, perhaps 8:45 at night. I was going from vehicle to vehicle talking with the guests and answering any questions they might have. I've got myself into a habit now of looking to see how many candy canes I have left in my basket as I approach the next car. I had run out a couple of days ealier and one poor kid didn't get a candy cane! Ah! (Luckily I had a backup supply of peppermint
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