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    Started the outdoor lighting October 2008 and have been addicted since. When I'm not preparing for the next Christmas display, I'm a small business owner of an IT Management company. We provide strategic technology guidance for small and medium businesses as well as day-to-day operations of remote networks.
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    Snow Skiing, electronics, wakeboarding, Titans fan,
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    Owner of Safe Network Solutions
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    The display has grown from 32 channels the first year to 208 channels the second year. I use 2 D-Light controllers and 11 LOR controllers along with the LOR2 software. The display features 4 leaping arches, 18' megatree, 14 outlined windows, 9 artificial trees, 6 mini trees, and wrapped trees.

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  1. Alan, Love your display. My family and I first saw it last year and that was enough to get us into animated lighting. This was our first year (started really small) and we used one DIY built 24 channel controller. I plan to expand and have many more for my 2011 display. I live about a mile down the road from Glenn Barber. Keep up the great displays, we always look forward to driving by to see your lights!

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