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  1. Has anyone ever used the indoor only artificial trees outside? Wondering if the rain would make them fall apart. Thanks
  2. Thanks.... Yea I think I will order 2 rolls also. I guess I will just experiment and see how it goes.. Good Luck to you too..
  3. I am wanting to buy the Virtual Santa DVD. My window size is 72 high 46 3/4 wide. Do you know how much of the Mylar Paper I need to order? It comes in as 36" x 48". I emailed the company and this is what they sent to me.... You will not find a bigger sheet. The mylar paper is the right size to look like a normal size person. You blackout or cover the other areas using your curtain, Etc. Can anyone here help me with this? Thanks
  4. Thanks Ken it works great.. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  5. I was thinking about making one of my wire frame reindeer Rudolph. Can I paint a round bulb with red spray paint? My husband wants to use a red flood light but I think it will be to bright....Thanks
  6. We had a new roof put on our house this past summer with architectural shingles. I guess the sun did its job and stuck them down really good. Any short cuts to sliding those little clips under the shingles to hold the lights. We have been using a putty knife and it seems to be taking forever. Much appreciated
  7. Oh my goodness. What a neat idea. I will have to remember that one. I would have went out and bought $20 worth of extension cords.. And then complained to my husband that we didn
  8. Looks GREAT! How many extension cords did you have to use?
  9. rbdes

    Their new home

    Yes Jim we have an Airblown Inflatable Nativity Scene for the front yard. We don
  10. Thanks everyone for you comments on our recent find. This is where the kids wanted to put them for this year. It makes a great view from the family room. We don’t do much decorating in the back of the house but toss a few blow up ornaments in the pool. They will then reside in the guest house for the rest of the year. Glad we found them and saved them from the landfill. Thanks Everyone!
  11. rbdes


    This is where the kids wanted to put them for this year. Its makes a great view from the family room. We don
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