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    2010 112 channels, 2 CCRs, 40,000 lights
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    2007 0 channels 300 lights (a string of icicles)
  1. And here's yet another. Earlier in the year I bought a cheap aluminum 30' sectional flag pole, just to play around with. I can tell you a mere 35MPH wind would bend it over about 1/3 with a 5X8 flag. I hooked up a wench and hoisted only the weight 24 sets of lights and managed to break it in two this summer (by pulling guy wires tight). Last week, I got a 2", 1-1/2", and 1" pipes and rebuilt it as a 30' jump. Here's a small pic of it below in its glory with Old Glory. [ATTACH=CONFIG]39278[/ATTACH] My personal mods to the design: I wanted to use my handy-man jack instead of buying a crank j
  2. The name that comes up on it is: 多位演出者 (not joking, cut and paste that in to google) from the album JAZZ ON X'MAS
  3. Thank you Reg! You just made the forums usable again (to me at least).
  4. ON Topic: of your 16 channels, do you need to save any for things like a star, or strobes? OFF Topic: I couldn't remember myself what Holdman did, so I just opened the 2007 Music Box sequence - in there he uses 8 channels for each of red, green, aqnd white, 24 total on the MegaTree. Maybe it is different for 2006 or 2008.
  5. are you sure you're "logged in" on your desktop (your user name appears at the top?)
  6. http://www.lightorama.com/downloads/CTB16PC_V4-30.lhx Firmware can be found at the above link, from the support page http://www.lightorama.com/w_support.htm
  7. I don't know, this guy would probably part with a pair: http://tinyurl.com/29d3nco
  8. Frost, reading your question more literally... The grounds don't attach to the board itself, it is grounded to the metal strain relief of the case. If you build your own case, you'd have to devise something different. Would it be best just to tie all the grounds together in that case? (anyone?)
  9. I didn't see Williams picture, so I created one. There are 2 threaded posts sticking up where the red arrows point. Put the 8 grounds from dongles on one side on one, and the other 8 on the other. Also put a ground from each of the 2 incoming power cords on a post. Then put a nut on the post to hold it there... Does that answer it?
  10. You mean the ground wires from the two power cords? Yes, they just go on the posts where you hook the grounds from the 16 dongles...
  11. Looking at the picture, I was trying to figure out the base - looks like it may be collapsible (like a tripod?). I'd be interested to learn more about it.
  12. I'm with Chuck on this one. I like my sign to come on with the show and turn off with the show (exactly). And I don't just turn it on. I have it fade in and out, run at half power, do an occasional twinkle... It provides a little life to it and helps draw peoples attention to it.
  13. It's hard to cut back an addiction cold turkey, so I say pick one day a year (say, your Birthday) where you won't "build" anything Christmas related, but posting to Christmas forums would still be okay. (I realize this post doesn't add anything to the seriousness of your post - it was just my way of saying Happy Birthday Scot)
  14. Thanks Glenn (and sorry mwhite!) I did use 2 controllers for all the arches, but in looking at this particular song at least, I could have mirrored 1-3-4-6, and 2-5 and only used 16 channels! Mirroring is great in that respect. On the other side of the coin however... my father-in-law asked why I never leaped them from one side of the yard to the other and back, and seemed genuinely disappointed in me for not doing it! So this year, I am removing arches 2 and 5 and going to run each of the remaining four as stand alones. Go figure. I'm not really ditching arches 2 and 5 - they will be rep
  15. I did a mirroring on my 6 arches as well. From left to right 1-3, 4-6, with arches 2 and 5 stand alone. You can get pretty creative:
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