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  1. That's just awful! People are so greedy!
  2. Congrats dude! Make sure you show us pics this Christmas. Can't wait to see your display.
  3. I was just there 2 weeks ago, not really impressed. It's mainly ornaments.
  4. If you are talking about WiFi then no they cannot have the same address, each one needs its own IP or you will have conflicts.
  5. Those are my 5 that were repainted a few years ago. My dad had those before I was born and I am 42 now.
  6. I'm starting tomorrow morning. Going to be unseasonably warm here in Ohio, close to 70. I plan to get the Sleigh and reindeer on the roof with my sons help, and I have 4 large bells I put in the trees I want to try to get done, and then anything after that tomorrow is a bonus.
  7. Has anyone started decorating yet? My wife gets upset with me if I start putting up while our Halloween decorations are up. It is about time to start getting stuff down and prepping. My empire santa sleigh needs some work on the runners so I think I will get it down and start working on that to be ready for the roof. How's everyone doing?
  8. Thanks for the response Ted. I have the Gen Foam reindeer on my roof that use the regular night light bulb and no where near bright enough so I was thinking I may try these out.
  9. So just finding this thread, but is the E12 the same as a C7 bulb? Same base? I have the GF reindeers and they use nightlight bulbs, so I would like to have something brighter in them...
  10. We'll fire up on Black Friday at 6pm. I am still working on getting the display up so I probably won't completely finished until Friday afternoon lol
  11. Thanks for the words! This is going to sound like a Hallmark Channel reply but my 11 year old son and I just watched a YouTube video of the local news doing a story on our lights from 2013 and I heard myself talking about why I did it and it literally almost brought me to tears and reminded me why. I look back from 6 years ago and see how much everything has changed and how much more has been added since then. My plan is simple, I will get started this Saturday the 2nd and have everything ready by the 25th of November for our towns annual light up night. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Now I just have to get my wife on board so she can help me get stuff down out of the attic 🙂 I think she was looking forward to a year off, but I think she'll come around.
  12. Guys, I am just not feeling it this year. One day I feel really content on not doing the lights at all, then a day later anxiety hits me thinking I really need to do it or I will be letting so many people down if I don't. I'm sure in the end I will end up doing it, and I don't start until the beginning of November anyways since it only takes me a couple of weeks. Anyone do anything special to get motivated and get at it?
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