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  1. sorry david i put a visitors message instead of pm as i had a phone number on here pm d you instead :)

  2. Name - David Grant Location - Blantyre, Scotland Bulbs - 45,000 last year Just received 150m of rope. Fav Item - last year - Spinning Mega Grid tree This Year - Spider fountain 110/240v - 240v 192 channels things you should know - Things can only get bigger.. Major upgrade this year David
  3. Hi Roger, The fireworks lights should be bolted to the round ball at the top by two nuts one each side of the frame. Simply undo those and remove the connector that links to the wiring loom that runs inside the pole. The wiring loom and control box can then be accessed by opening the panel at the bottom of the pole. The pole should be bolted to the ground via four bolts and possibly a load spreading plate and stabalising legs.
  4. Hi Paul, what's the price? Best regards david Grant
  5. Although not strictly a weber tree, I did have a mega tree that moved in a spiral (as well as many other patterns). Sequencing was relatively stright forward. The most difficult thing was trying to come up with something a bit different. The best piece of advice I can give is to make it move quickly. Slow fades didn't really work for me. Other than that top to bottom, bottom to top, Round and round , spiral round all worked well.
  6. If you are looking for different christmas songs then maybe look outside of the U.S. and obvious songs for inspiration. There was a time from the latte 60's to late 80's when the UK had a whole raft of christmas songs and many of them are excellent light show songs. Merry Xmas Everybody - Slade I wish it could be christmas every day - wizzard. Merry Christmas everyone - Shakin Stevens Last Christmas (techno remix) - Wham (George Michael) or even try something like a Glenn Miller Medley. All of theses are findable on the various song web sites. Hope this give syou a few ide
  7. Hi Dan, I use a mixture of low and mains voltage. Depends what I need them for. The best way to get the lights is to go direct to the importers. There are a number of direct importers in the UK. Drop me a PM and we can have a chat about it. (same goes for anyone else in the UK) best regards
  8. If you are in the UK then radio liences are governed by ofcom. I had a visit this year after the newspapers said I had an FM radio station. Provided you are using something that is legal for the UK and of low power then you are OK. Legal in the UK means it complies with EU regulations, has the CE mark on the equipment and a circle with an exclamation mark. Do that and you will be OK. E-Mana or IPlay are the main ones.
  9. Hi Dan, I use the standard supabrights from premier decorations and the connectables from Cinter Uk. They work perfectly. the only issue I have had has been with a controller for some tiles from premier that blew. But other than that no issues at all. I even leave the multifunction boxes on them as I find this gives a better effect when they are all on and doesn't make any difference to the fading etc. Best regards
  10. Hi Dan, I'm from Blantyre Nr Glasgow, Scotland. 96 LOR channels this year. Aiming for 192 over the next couple of years. 240 volts all the way. Here's a quick video. Welcome to Planet Christmas. There are more and more of us each year.
  11. Thanks for the comments. Traffic was probably double what it was over the last couple of nights. People coming through to show their support for what we are doing. The tree is LOR controlled. I will be posting some videos of it over the next couple of days. the topper is a commercial fireworks light that I picked up over the summer. best regards
  12. Where i live I have a neighbour who constantly complains about my display and the traffic it generates. Today I received a phone call from a local radio station. They had received a complaint about the lights and this person was threatening legal action against the display. The morning chat show presenter called me and asked me to appear on the show. I agreed. We had a very amicable discussion and the outcome was that the presenter was upset that anyone could be so petty as to complain about something that is bringing joy to the world. Over the last couple of nights the volume of t
  13. Hi Darrell, That is a nice looking display. I especially like the outlines. Best regards
  14. if you have your controller / individual channel overloaded this can cause flickering. especially when you have a heavy load such as a TV / washer etc on the same circuit as your controller.
  15. The trees look like wireframe trees. 2 dimensional frames with the lights attached. they are really nice.
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