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  1. well Im in the same boat moving also ...thats why i am selling some of mine also due to no job!, and have to move!
  2. I have over 75+ blowmolds for sale...I am moving and need to get rid of doubles......Halloween, Christmas and Easter.. Due to the time....and size of alot of them would like to do local pick up!!!
  3. I have a santas Best snoopy Mint for sale $75.00 PLUS S\H.
  4. i cant seem to make them bigger if u pm me i will send them to you!
  5. thanks brad...hers more pics Led skelton 30 snoopy pumpkin 10 halloween tree 20 ghost with pumpkin 10 dracula 20 pumpkin 7 pumpkin man 17 tpi pumpkin man 20 pumpkin stack 23
  6. going to be posting more picks latter. But Pumpkin wreath for sale again... Skelton sold
  7. leds are sold thank you for all the intrest
  8. Pumpkin man sold... haunted house sold pumpkin wreath sold
  9. I have 3 boxs of blue and 3boxs of clear led LIGHTS 50 COUNT.....4.00 A BOX OR 20.00 FOR ALL....
  10. Ok here is a start I am going to be moving and need to get rid of some molds ....All the duplicate molds......Below is some pics.. Prices are plus shipping.. Haunted house 18.00 pumpkin man 65.00 skelton 65.00 dracula 20.00 ghost 20.00 pumpkin wreath 18.00 ghost with pumpkin 13.00 more to come!!!!!
  11. I am moving and cant bring this with me.....I have a huge stable for the life size natvity for sale....all made out of wood.... Only been used 1 year stored in garage in off season......asking 80 FOR IT....OR Offers...has to be local pick up!
  12. here is some pics of this...will take 225.00
  13. I have 2 rare halloween molds Im asking 65 each plus shipping...please let me know. sorry they are so dark in exellant condition!
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