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    Calgary Alberta
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    I work hard all year just to look forward to Christmas and the time I get with my Family and Friends.
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    Computers, Video Games, 3d Animation, Electronics, Building anything, Cars, ect.
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    Opperations Manager for Derrick Exhibit
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    I started 4 years ago and last year I bought a cheap 8 channel sequencer and this year I am getting a 16 Channel LOR. I am the most vibrant display on the block, and beyond. I have a small yard and am running out of room. I mainly run LED lights, I am pushing 3500 LED's and 2000 others.
    My Nick Name in the Neibourhood is Griswold
    **Update 2009 Running over 5000 LED's and 32 Channels.
    *** 2010 Just bought 8000 more LED's and upgrading to 80 Channels.
  1. I am going to order 30 and give them a try
  2. Yes but CDI have only LED strobes, the site is back up. I am waiting to hear back now. Thanks
  3. I guess we cannot email him either, anyone have any contact info for him?
  4. I realize he did a move a while ago and a few people had some glitches with shipping. I just hope he is OK and not out of the picture.
  5. I went to the site http://www.christmaslightshow.com this morning and it was working, now I get this. "Account suspended" I hope that Daryl is not done? Dose anyone else know where to get the strobes he sold? Cheers, David
  6. Just a quick thought is there an anti-freeze fog solution for us up here in Canada? I guess if I put ethanol or alcohol in it, would it be a flame thrower? I would like to use it in my train and was wondering if it will freeze, and if anyone have a solution. Please don't take me seriously because I would not be stupid enough to add anything like that into the mixture. (Although it does spark the curiosity) Cheers, Stokesy:cool:
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