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  1. RGB Is a whole new world of christmas Lights! RGB control lets you control individual bulbs including changing to many many different colors as well as dimming blinking etc. It is still in its infancy in some respects and until last year was almost cost prohibitive. But now the cost of bulbs (pixels is the term that is used) have come way down. The controllers are still mostly in hte DIY arena right now but that is likely to be changing in the near future as well. Here is an example
  2. Do you have any more controllers you want to sell? I will be needing at least 1 more next season. Otherswise I will wait for the LOR sales. John
  3. I agree with everything posted here! I am thinning the herd as well. its amazing the amount of lights i have accumulated and dont use any more so its off to salvation army next week. Its hard to part with stuff but I need to make roomfor new stuff LOL John
  4. Is anyone else sad to take thier lights down? Today is the day for me to take the display down and I am really procrastinating! I have great plans for next year but not sure I can finanace everything. How is everyone else feeling and how do you get past the winter doldrums after the holidays? John
  5. I almost got everything done, been at it since 8 this morning. I just ran out of steam. Still need to find my fm transmitter and wrap 2 trees create my show and I will be ready to go. It's lights on tomorrow night!
  6. I will be working in Manassas starting Jan 4th at Micron. I will rent a room for a few months before deciding to sell and move. John
  7. Hi all, Here is a link to a video of one of my songs. It is the canned sequence from LOR. I really wanted to do more with the sequencing this year but I lost my job and ended up working hard at finding another one and never got to do my own sequencing. For those just starting I found great sequences at lorsequences.com I think the show looks pretty good. The set up includes 10 minitrees and a total of about 8000 lights (16 channel) It took me 3 days, 1 to locate sequences and build the show in software, 1 to wrap 10 tomatoe cages with 300 to 500 minilights and the last day to s
  8. For what its worth. I had serious GFI problems this year. This is my first year with LOR and with Minitrees. I was able to isolate the problem to my minitrees using the hardware utility. All of the trees are tomatoe cages with incandescents wrapped to the bottom. I solve the problem by raising the trees off the ground on bricks. Several heavy rainstorms later the show has been running flawlessly. John
  9. Robert, Glad my suggestion to use different outlets helped. I still think the length of your cat 5 cale to the LOR box could be a problem. Try a shorter cord if at all possible
  10. Ignore the test inputs setting on the hardware utility that is only if you are inputting information from one of your show elements back into the LOR controller. The only thing you need to do to test the outputs is to identify the controller and then select the channels to test and hit the lights on button. One other thing I noticed about your previous comment... Are you running both power plugs from the LOR controller through that one breaker? Each power plug from the LOR controller needs to be on an independant circuit of 15 amps (or 20amps depending on the controller). Sounds
  11. Except for GFI issues with the torrential rain we are having the show is up and running. Thanks to all the PCers who offered advice and to PC in general for all the great info. Here are the show details. 16 channels 8000 lights or there abouts 10 minitrees (1 channel each) 6 songs with precanned sequences 4000 mobil black box transmitter The show is awesome even with sequnces taken from lorsequences. I was amazed how good they look with no tweeking. Although I am going to tweek them to be closer to my elements over the next couple days. Setup was relatively painless. Started Fr
  12. i will try to get some better shots from the culdesac. the property angles back from the street to the house. So that view is pretty much how it looks as you come up the street. we are the first house going into the culdesac on the right
  13. Actually the one at the end of the drive way does not. I think its called a red tip. I personally hate it but it is my neighbors bush so..... As far as the amps go I know that is an issue. I have almost enough net lights with LEDs to do the bushes. I like the idea of lining the walks with c7s I have done that in the past but I think they are a big current draw. I am going to try to limit the smaller tomato cage trees to about 200 minis. I don't think that is a lot of current draw with each one taking up a channel. I do have the 30 am controller and will run each of the 15 amp plugs on di
  14. Hi All, Looking for some advice. i am totally new to this whole computerized thing. Just finished building a 16pc from LOR and will have my 20 year old son doing the sequencing. He is a wiz at it after all those nights playing with the fireworks generator in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. My problem is the layout of my lights. My house is at the end of a culdesac and the house is partially obscured by a huge bush (more like a tree) at the end of my drive way. I have 2 concerns. 1 is will i have a real problem with traffic if I can actually get some interest in my show (think that is a given i
  15. Welcome to the ranks of Newbie. I am starting with 16 channels also. I did get the starter package with the software. I have no idea what I am going to do yet. picked 1 song and breifly started to sequence. Wondering if i have gotten in over my head already! and to think I wanted 32 channels instead of 16! John
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