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    Mesa, Arizona, USA
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    I work for Boeing in Mesa Az. on the AH64 Apache Helicopter. I have been with them of 25 years.
    Develop solutions of complex technical problems; apply ingenuity and expertise to implement processes for peak performance of systems for this widely respected aviation industry leader. Consistent recognition for excellence includes awards and advancements from positions as Field Service of Rep and Liaison Engineer at Fort Eustis, VA which involved a full range engineering/technical support in developmental stages of avionics equipment; collaterally interfacing with engineering personnel during design, prototyping and testing phases to ensure adherence to commercial/military specifications and requirements in all areas. Developed equipment from drawings, mock-ups; provided guidance/expertise in the interpretation of blueprints, schematics, tech manuals .Perform all functions normally associated with AH64A and D maintenance trainer technician, Participated in testing of operational and si
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    CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, Woodworking,Video
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    Display name: The West Pole light show
    Some facts about our display
    This is our 3nd year doing computerized lights
    This year we have about 20.000 lights
    There are 3200 lights on the Large mega tree
    300 lights each on the cactus
    30 curtain strobes
    15 flood lights
    144 computer controlled channels
    Light-O-Rama hardware and software.
    Running on an old Gateway computer with Windows98
    Somewhere around 2 miles worth of extension cords
    It takes about 2 weeks to set up
    Programming the music takes about 3 to 4 hours for every minuet of music.
    We transmit on 99.3 on a Ramsey FM30 transmitter
    Voice over
  1. Nevermind, Ifound it - Vector Mode - Little Drummer Boy
  2. Sorry if i missed it , but I'm trying to find out who the artest is for this version ????????
  3. Things sure have change around here. Guess I going to start all over , after a two year break, Im going to try and put up some kind of a display this year. I have been checking out the new LED flood light stuff, looks very interesting. see ya around Ray.
  4. I guess I will start all over like a newbe

  5. To quote a great American, Gene Kranz once said “Let’s work the problem folks! Failure is not an option” Apollo 13. Anyway here's an idea, I was thinking of making an emergence replacement warts that could just be spliced in when a failure occurs, make a few backups just in case, splice 3 or 5 wires and your back in business . what do you think ? I will get on the work bench tonight and report back when I come up with something. I would like to get some good values for the diodes resistors caps?
  6. A tip for hanging LED lights While hanging these light keep them plugged in, I have come across several strings that have loose bulbs and if you touch one the wrong way the whole string go
  7. I use a sunsetter, but I think Tim F. is the expert on them, I,m sure he will chime in soon.
  8. You can also make a custom tool for notching out plugs. check out the bottom of this page The West Pole
  9. Just as an FYI, I ordered 24 ea set of red green and blue 100 count from CDI and at first test I had 9 bad sets, after going thru them making sure the bulbs were all plugged in tight, I wound up with one bad set, these are not like incandescent, when one bulb is out the whole string go
  10. Thats Arnold MD Speak for "Warm" I did ok in Llghting in school, just not as good in spelling
  11. here is another attachment, (hope i did this right) This would be the other end,
  12. Could it be done Like this with the same thing on the other end except the Diodes would be reversed?
  13. Here is a good web site for ref. The Lighting Libary As a rule of thumb I would use worm colors on the left (pink, red, orange) and cool colors on the right (blues greens) and aimed at the subject at a 45 degree angle form above, this give the subject a more three dimensional look .useing no less then 4 floods.
  14. Could a couple of single diodes be used on both ends of the light string with the restores in series and still maintaining full wave rectification and make it possible to maintain the females plug at the other end to put more strings end to end in series ?
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