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  1. Does anyone know where I can buy the green inflatable tree and the Nutcracker?? I need 2 of each ASAP =) Thanks!!
  2. That it so funny!! Thanks for posting! I am starting to feeling like that now!! haha!
  3. I am so confused when it comes to the electrical part of things but I was just wondering, If I happened to load to many things onto one outlet, it will just blow my braker right??? It won't blow all my lights up right? lol ... My husbands been bugging me so I decided no better place 2 ask than here! lol ... Thanks in advance!
  4. Thought I would post a pic of my updated tree!! =) I took down the small tree and added all those ornaments to the big one and added some blue. It just sparkles in person! I am MUCH happier with it now! Hope you enjoy
  5. I'm getting up way early and going tomorrow! I am so excited! I live in a veryyy small town, So I kno there will be lots left But I was wondering, Where could I get the 10% off coupon asap that was mentioned??? Thanks!
  6. Ok, Thanks! That helps out ALOT lol ... Think I have changed my mind, Don't wanna make new mini trees every 2 years
  7. I was thinking of maybe adding some multi colored lights to our display this year, I have never used them before ... But I was putting my grandmas lights up for her the other day and those are the kind she uses ... I noticed that some of the red bulbs were starting to look pink? It kinda looked like the red part of the bulb on the outside was faded So my question is .... If I get multi color lights do they tend to fade over time??? I was thinking of making some mini trees out of multis and didn't wanna go through making them if they were just gonna fade! Thanks!
  8. I know how your feeling, I don't really feel burned out on the lights, I just feel a little overwhelmed like I'm not gonna get everything done on time .... I think you'll probably feel a little better when yours are lit up and you realize that all the hard work was worth it! Well hopefully you start to get back into the spirit I wish you luck!
  9. Thanks everybody! =) Hopefully my display will be done within a week (fingers crossed) , So you'll get to see em' in action! I have never done anything remotely close to what I am doing this year, So I am very VERY excited!!
  10. We went and got a few trees for our outside display today (pine trees) and I was wondering how I could keep them alive ( its not an option to have them in a bucket of water, theres gonna be stakes holding them up on each side ) and how LONG they would stay alive??? Thanks!
  11. Just a quick question .... Can I paint a blowmold without stripping the paint? And what kind of paint do I use? Thanks!
  12. Well I want them to look great, not just "pretty good" so how do I fix that? lol
  13. Ok so, I have finished 3 of my 12 mini trees and I know mostly everyone uses green wire but I favor the white wire lights because I think it makes it a little brighter and they look a little more "wintery" ... But after doing my 3 trees in white I am wondering if they look like crap? Has anyone else done any in white??
  14. If anyone is interested, I think I have about 4 gingerbread blowmolds a gingerbread blowmold tree and a gingerbread blowmold house I am selling ... I bought them all from ebay last year when I was going to do a candyland theme but recentley changed my mind and decided to sell them, Let me know if your interested and I will go find them all and let you know exactly how many I have Thanks!
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