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  1. I need D-Light Hardware Utility Some reason Mine stopped working error 339 If anybody will hook me with a down load I would hug ya neck If I could I got like 2 1/2 miles of drop cords out with 6 controllers and cant get anything gong due to hardware utility NOT WORKING. Next year going all in for new system think lor or benards My email is [email protected] God bless all and Have a Merry Christmas
  2. I would use 3/8" cold roll clip lights on.
  3. what type frame you want? I build them an have clips also.
  4. If the black pipe is threaded its sch 40 and up.
  5. Yeah I made the Merry Christmas sign with flower on corner.Frames around windows that hold 3 colors and hotair ballon I made a tripod but he wanted it higher.I made close to 50 frames for putt-putt.Mind is on face book under Kim Adams
  6. Happy to see somebody from my area.I live in Beech Island.I weld wireframes.I done Some wireframes for my sister I'm making her santa and deer now.She lives on Warren road.Good fine.
  7. w Welding aluminum with tig takes a lot time learning you got to work a remote with ya foot or a wheel on torch head. You will also need a water cooled tig with a water cooler rig and High frequency box with ac or a welder made for aluminum I got a miller DX 250 with water cooler and water tig rig.you use argon is a cheaper way to go or you can use helium.for spool gun miller matic 140 is the cheapest way to go on a mig setup easy to run a lot faster to weld.They use to have it so you could post pics on here If I get it figured out I will post some pic of some my alum welding.Good luck
  8. Good job I like ya table also keep the good work up.
  9. Looking for close up pics on how folding frames are made.I just want to see if there is a better idea. I haven't seen or used.Thanks for your time Have a great day.
  10. That is way too cool I bet it cost alot
  11. I would make wire frames with portable stands I make alot of mine this way so it don't take long to put out. Drop them in the stand and your ready to go This way you can racket strape the stands down on the trailer I made a merry Christmas sign for brother inlaw we road down the road pretty fast .Not on bulb can off or fell over. Web sign is th make for my wireframe now hope to have it up runing by middle of next month maybe sooner.
  12. Thanks for info sounds like a better deal to whom wants clips.Price around for a 1000 shipping included.
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