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    I am a married woman of 35 years. I have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. I live in my families old homestead. I love to decorate for Christmas.
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    Gardening and crafts
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    self employed in the greens industry
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    My display consist of lights, wire frame deer, holographic displays, wire frame trees, hand made static displays. We are working on going LED. We are attempting to go LOR this year with a Mega tree and some arches.
  1. Saw your video on AOL today. Congrads. Love the display, job well done.
  2. We also would like to Thank Paul and his wife for a wonderful day of sharing. They were such gracious host. We had a great time seeing everyone again and meeting new fellow decorators. We also want to extend a thank you to all who helped organize and shared their expertise for this wonderful event. Thank you everyone for a great day, Peggy and Walter
  3. We are still planning on attending. Sounds like a great time.
  4. Sorry to hear about your theft. Will pray that good things come your way. Enjoy your family and make happy memories, those are the things no one can take from you. Again I am so sorry to hear of your theft at this time of year.
  5. J.D. I just got my controllers this morning. Very nice shipping. Hope things are going better fo you. Have a great weekend, Peggy
  6. I would like 6 of the controllers if they are still available. Please PM me with form of payment.
  7. You and your daughter Jennifer will be in my prayers and thoughts for the next several weeks until all is well.
  8. What a wonderful day Saturday. We want to send a big THANK YOU to everyone involved with organizing and hosting this mini. Also a thank you to all those who did presentations. This was our first mini. We were amazed at the knowledge and creativity of everyone. I had a hard time going to sleep Saturday thinking about everything I saw and heard. Can't wait to take our display to the next level.(We are all static right now) It was nice meeting the faces to the names on PC. What a great group of people. A special THANK YOU to Gene and Lori from my grandchildren(6 yrs. and 10yrs.). As so
  9. My husband and I will be attending. We will be leaving Friday after work. I have yet to make reservations. So excited to meet everyone.
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