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  1. The .10 cents addition for dimable bulbs are for the C7 and C9s per bulb.
  2. I think it would and it would also throw your timing off. Paul said his had a delay of 1-2 seconds with the LED strobes before they come on and the flash rate is less then Darryl's. So if you mixed them you could have problems with timing.
  3. I agree, I am a little skeptical as well as 1-2 days on LOR isn't really enough time to burn them in enough to get an accurate account if these will work. What kind of testing have these gone through and how long were they tested for constantly. I know with other companies they worked well for a couple of days, but once they were burned in they started seeing failures. If we can get some test results like a few hours of them in use dimming constantly, as well as twinkle, shimmer at a constant rate for a constant amount of time without failure then I will be in because I highly need som
  4. Very true, watts are the electric power consumed, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are less bright or the intensity isn't has much as a 5 watt incandescent just because they are a 1 watt LED. That is what I am concerned with. Are these LED strobes as bright as the 5 watt strobes? If you can get the same lumens out of a 1 watt LED strobe as you can with a 5 watt incandescent strobe then the money is well spent and they have some value. I run 50 of Darryl's strobes in my tree but that is only consuming 2 amps total for them all, but those amps are figured if all are on and they are bri
  5. If you are going to be using this outdoors which I am assuming you are, the hazer might not be the best route because you have to contend with the weather, which in this case is wind. The haze is so thin and light winds these days will carry it right off. One other thing you need to keep in mind is the hazer works non stop so you are pulling a constant draw of power. I would go with a good 1200w fogger with some Froggys Swamp Juice. Good thing about the foggers is the foger is only pulling it's max wattage during warm up and heat cycles, during standby or while the pump is pumping you are
  6. Yea I guess price wise they would be cheaper, but is it one of those cases where you get what you pay for? Are these going to be as bright as the 5 watts? I think I remember reading the strobes having 10 LEDs per strobe. The LEDs make up in the power savings, but are they going to make up in intensity are these going be on the same level of a 5 watt strobe? If so then they would definitely be worth it. I know for me power draw isn't all that much of a issue for me since even at 5 watts with 50 strobes they are not all on at the same time and are only on for a few seconds at any given time.
  7. I have 10 mini trees across 10 channels. 5 red and 5 green.... I think I might need more though. They span the front of my yard from end to end, but there is about 2-3' between each tree.
  8. I also read they were 2-3 seconds, but I also think I remember reading they were only 1 watt compared to Darryls which I think are 7 or 15 watts? So I am also curious with the last post about the brightness and the cost of these. I think the price was listed but overlooked it, but I am not sure this would be one of those cases were LED wouldn't be cheaper since they are on just for a short time.
  9. Huh? I am sorry but that really doesn't make sense? If you are only going to sell them by the case and/or per 100 there would be no need to put the pre-sale and normal season price per bulb both. If they are there for comparison, then wouldn't it make more sense to just to put the pre-sale and normal season price by the case or per 100 so there isn't any confusion? I know if I only needed 25-50 bulbs (which I don't, just saying) and I was forced to buy them by the 100s I think I would look at other options. That would mean for Paul that is lost sales and I don't think that is what he
  10. But that is pre-order pricing. If you are like me I don't think everyone is going to be able to take part in the pre order sale so close after Christmas. So otherwise they don't come out to .43 cents. On a marketing standpoint I don't know why you would want to run a pre-order sale so close to after Christmas. I understand it is probably necessary in order to get the product in by a certain time, but lets be honest, on stuff like the C9s and other stuff you won't need it until early summer if even that early. I know some might need M5's to build arches, mini trees, mega tree strings, etc. B
  11. Yea same here, they open at 6 am here but I have seen others around town open at 12 am, but the sales won't start until 6 am.
  12. There is no telling what the criteria is, but this is what YouTube and MySpace are using to suspend the videos and check for copyright. Logan pointed this out in another thread..... http://www.audiblemagic.com/index.asp I think if we can find out how they are scanning then we can probably find a way around it, but I doubt whatever method we use they will catch up to it. So I doubt using a category like pets would work because they are probably scanning everything and are probably hip to it. Also I don't know how the search works for YouTube but if you were to use it under a different
  13. According to the price list I was under the impression you can order single bulbs, otherwise why would it list the pricing per bulb? I thought the per 100 is a price break if you order them in lots of 100?
  14. I am doing something similar to that as well now, but with only two wires, but they are inside the base. I like them on the inside instead of around the tree with the strings, but I bet that would look good too. So they go from the top to the ground on the inside. I was thinking about adding 1 more making 3 total. I don't know if i wanted to snake them back and forth of straight down on each wire like they are now. I have seen a lot of people whose trees look full of strobes and was curious if they were doing anything different then what I am doing.
  15. William, The first column is the pre-sale price per bulb. The second column is the regular price after the pre-sale per bulb. The last column is the price per every 100 bulbs. I.E. if you bought them in lots of 100. If you want dimable bulbs add 10 cents to each bulb. Now I am curious if you add 10 cents for dimable bulbs, what does that make it per 100? C-9LEDR RED $ 0.80 $ 1 .25 $ 80.00 C-9LEDO ORANGE $ 0.80 $ 1 .25 $ 80.00 C-9LEDY YELLOW $ 0.80 $ 1 .25 $ 80.00 C-9LEDB BLUE $ 0.90 $ 1 .25 $ 90.00 C-9LEDG GREEN
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