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  1. My experience with this unit as it is used at Texas Motor Speedway to transmit race day info both to radio and scanners and as stated in the manual. This units min wattage is 12w. The max is 20w so the 0 to max is misleading because 0 would be 12w where max would be 20w. You would be 11w over what FCC allows for Class 15 even at the min setting. You can not turn the power back like you think. You are limited within a set threshold.

  2. The ColorSplash/LEDSplash Jr. and 200B use the lower-wattage LED's as well. You have to step up to a COLORado to get the 1 watt...


    Judging by the pictures of your display you have a lot of light which could possibly wash out anything less then 1 watt. Plus you have a pretty good size house. My house isn't all that big and I use 8 Colorsplash Jrs. which is plenty for me. I got all 8 of them for $385 + shipping.


  3. You guys act like I posted the recipe for crystal meth :confused:

    We all have cars that will easily exceed 100mph, do you drive that fast everyday? Just turn the power down...

    Why buy a viper if you are only going to baby it and not drive it at its full potential? You are comparing apples to oranges and you can not turn the power down on that unit anyways, it is hard set. So it would be a waste of money and against FCC regulations to operate without specials lic and permits.

    You might as well have posted the recipe to crystal meth. I have learned that there is just some things you do not post on PC because they will delete it. Illegal products to operate in the U.S. is one of them. Which is why I did not post links to any other rack mounts. Rob is correct about the shipping on a product like that in the States.

  4. What is your definition of reasonable? I would imagine any 19" rackmount transmitter would be higher power, higher dollar than the stuff you typically see used for Christmas displays.

    Agreed and iresq is correct. Anything that is rack mountable is going to cost an arm and a leg and would be way over powered for what you are allowed to have.

    The PCS transmitter is good but is pricey and way more power then you are allowed to have. FCC will give you a window you can go over but that is way over it. I am pretty laid back when it comes to things like that but not even me would push that envelop.

    I know of a couple but I won't list them just because they are not within the allowed threshold no matter how much you are willing to spend.

  5. If you are going to add this....

    <meta name="robots" content="ALL" />

    <meta name="revisit-after" content="2 days" />

    Where you have the robots that have full access then you need to create a robots.txt file. Not all robots are good robots and you do not want every spider crawler your site. It is one of those cases where more is less and it can hurt you in the long run if you don't. Visit the page below for more info on robots.txt. There are some pages you don't want them to visit like if you have a contact page, or certain pages like that. It can hurt your indexing because it will index irrelavant material.


    Also if you do not have content on your site that is updating on a constant basis then I would not set your revisit to 2 days. Look at it this way, would you go to a store that has the same product over and over and know you are not going to find what you are looking for or a new item? Over time if the spiders do not crawl new content then it will hurt you in the long run. Since it is just a Christmas site I am sure that in the off season you will have the same content on there daily. So you need to set it to 180 days. Only time you want them to revisit your site on daily basis or every other day is if you have content that is changing on a daily basis, like a forum for example.

    Best way to SEO for a site like this is good quality inbound links and good meta tag placement.

  6. I have heard of this company before but I can not put my finger on it how I know them.

    These lights can't possibly be that bright since each LED is only 0.12 watts. You need to be looking in the ballpark of at least 1 watt. That I do know. I think this is one of those cases where you get what you pay for.

    Maybe buy one to test it out.

  7. Don't be discouraged by the errors. Most of them duplicate errors or are caused by other errors. Once you start to fix one others will disappear.

    If you post a link to the vaildator with the URL you are checking I can help you out. Also if you are using just straight HTML you can use tidy to fix the code.

    I just looked at your home page is this the one you are checking?


    I had a feeling before I even looked at the code that you did not have a doctype. That is very important to have and is causing a lot of your problems because it throws browsers into quirks mode. One suggestion. On your menu box, you need to use a Order List with some CSS. This is all easy to do, if you need some help I can give you a hand. Just let me know what page it is exactly you are working on and I will throw it together and fix it for you.

  8. Google does not rely on PageRank anymore. It has no bearing in search engine rankings and in some cases the rank is sometimes up to 3 months out of date. It is not as important to have a good PR as it once was.

    As long as you have good meta structure and good inbound links then you will get good placement.

    If your site is new it could take it a couple of days to a couple of weeks for it to be propagated and show up.

    Keep in mind you are competing with other sites that have the keyword "electronic illumination" SEO is an art and it can take some time to get good SEO.

  9. Yes frontpage adds a lot of useless code that is not needed. One good web page for viewing your site or page in order browsers is this one....


    Just enter the URL at the top and select which browsers you want to know what it looks like on.

    Also be sure to check your code and validate it. It will fix a lot of your problems and validate your code so you won't have problems in other browsers. It will cut down on a lot of browsers from going into quirks mode. Of course though, your page or site will look different on just about every browser, but this way you know it will be rendered properly.


  10. I posted this in a new thread, but I had a message this AM that they pulled my Mad Russians Christmas vid from 2006.

    I wonder if it could be appealed, considering TSO had a contest and wanted people to use YouTube to submit videos.....

    I think you have a very strong case there. If the link to the contest still exists I would attach it as part of your appeal with the terms of entry. I can't remember if TSO is Capital or Atlantic records. I wanna say Atlantic, I am not sure if they are protected by EMI or not. I think they are since apparently your video got suspended.

  11. This is what I don't understand. You say it is an irrelevant issue, yet you brought it up. You say some get defensive when others offer alternatives, yet you didn't just offer an alternative, you attacked 1and1.

    I didn't bring it up, I stated what you get with your DOMAIN. What you get with a DOMAIN only with 1&1 is 1 email account.

    I never attacked 1&1, I simply stated the facts of dissatisfaction of service others have experienced with them as well as others in this thread. I don't know how you can discredit someones opinion because they are not customers of them when you have valid sources who were or are customers of them.

    That is like having some real good friends of yours give you bad reviews of something and someone asks about that same thing and you tell them what you have been told about them and you have your input discredited because you didn't actually use it or tried it. Don't you think that would be a slap in the face to you personally? I think it would be....

  12. I didn't know 1and 1 was also a registrar. I also see they offer free private domain registration.

    So does Bluehost...


    As far as web hosting, neither 1and1 and Bluehost offer anything to get me to move my web or email services. They both seem good and I'd expect great service 100% of the time.

    1&1 has a problem running extensive server side scripted sites that are heavy with outside socket connections. As well as running certain server side scripts in general.

    Like I stated before I was rudely attacked. They are great if you plan on just running a simple basic HTML/CSS site or forum. If your site requires much more you will run into problems. Just because others might not have experienced it doesn't mean it doesn't occur. Those that will argue that, keep in mind the kind of site they run. A simple basic site without extensive scripts.

  13. Well it is plan to see others can't be civil and have to argue about irrelevant issues that are not directly related to the service and support 1&1 has offered. Some are getting defensive because others are not happy with 1&1 support and services and when others offer alternatives to 1&1 they feel the need to demean them for pointing it out.

    If you are happy with 1&1 then great, so be it. I didn't come on here to argue about stupid details. If you feel I have been wrong and I am just making it up as I go along, so be it. I am not the one getting defensive and resorting to demeaning others for it. What it comes down to is I have been with bluehost for 6 yrs personally and have had no one complain about there services, unlike 1&1. You are paying $120 a year for half the services and support that I get with Bluehost. You get what you get on all packages with Bluehost, just different terms of subscription. You want more with 1&1 you will pay more for it. Like I said before I got attacked for pointing out another hosting option. You get what you pay for and feel free to compare the two. Anyone can clearly see you get more for the money with Bluehost and the service and support is far superior to 1&1.


  14. You Tube has now pulled your arch building videos off of your site. the ones on your HOME page at holdman.com

    This makes no sense at all. There's no music associated with either of those videos...

    If you didn't already know I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news...

    It is because his entire account got suspended so in turn it suspended the remaining videos.

    He has a new account under HoldmanChristmas, but I am not sure if he has replaced those videos yet on his new account.

  15. And the email accounts, well even with 1and1's cheapest ($4 a month) account you get 600 (not 1 as your "FACT" claims) and you have 2 GB of mail server space.

    Well as it is stated on this page below and according to 1&1 support which I have had to deal with this very thing before. Your first email account is free. Additional email accounts can be added for a small fee and you can have up to 600 with one account....

    This is what you actually get for free with your account. What you linked to is what they can support and you can have.


    With Bluehost you get 2500 email accounts for free. I don't see anyone "bashing" 1&1 as you claim. Merely pointing out there differences and flaws in there service. I don't consider that bashing.

    Mike is right about some say Unlimited but it is never truly unlimited. I have seen this happen with other hosts that claim this. With bluehost I have never had any problems with this though. One of my personal sites is a weather site that streams the weather radio for NWS for my area 24-7. It also has numerous data connections from outside sources. So needless to say if I was going to clip an bandwith to transfer thresholds I would have easily done it.

  16. Wow, you must be making over well over $1,000,000 a year. How does it feel to be filthy rich? I know, dumb question, it feels good. I used to have about 20 customers, but I'm down to 7 customers now. That's still more work than I can handle.

    Heck I wish...LoL That is why I said we deal with because the company I work for has all the clients not me personally. We do a lot of e-commerce sites, TV, Radio, weather sites, attorneys, school districts and just peoples personal sites in general and so on.

    I am like you though and you have the right idea to host your own server and be in control of everything. I know my long terms goals I want to do that and be my own boss within the next 5 yrs. It kinda blows working for a company because they take a cut of your work where you could be making it all if you were on your own. Not to mention in our contracts we signed we have a disclosure that says if we leave or are terminated we can not take any of there clients or solicit them for a period of 6 months. Not to mention they out source a lot of work for cheaper and still make a a decent profit because they are paying these contract developers like $35 and hr while charging the client in the ballpark of 80$ or more and hr. So the fact I could be making $80 or more an hour without having someone elses hand in the cookie jar would be nice. With this economy right now not much you an do but stick it out with what you got.

  17. Actually, a year or so ago I thought about switching to Blue Host. But what held me back was the domain prices. Even with the link you provided me, I see points 2 and 4 are not correct. As with 1and1, it Bluehost allows unlimited domains. BUT the item in question is two lines down where it says "Free Domain Name". To me that means one domain. Not 7, 25, or 30 free domains.

    Just wondering....

    --Daniel L

    Yes you are correct. A few years ago you did have to pay to register your domain with Bluehost on any package but you had the option to use them or a 3rd party company. I think it was just over the last year or so they started offering that for free with packages of 12, 24, and 36 months. Most people who get web sites are in it for the long haul so people signing up for 12 months or more is not a big deal. The free domain is actually an incentive for them sign up on longer terms. If you decided to switch or cancel before hand they would prorate your subscription without any additional fees. You can still use GoDaddy if you wanted to, but you wouldn't need any reason to. When they were charging for domains we recommended they use GoDaddy because it was cheaper. Since though since they offer free domain registration we just advise they stay with them because it is a hassle to deal with GoDaddy in trying to transfer domain names from one host to another. Nothing against GoDaddy at all, if you have have to pay for domain registration I would still recommend them. I just know there was a lot of verfication you had to go through which was a pain. So we just told them to let Bluehost register it.

    To answer your question though. Yes all domains are free if you use Bluehost even if you have multiple. I can see how that can be confusing but you have to keep in mind most people that sign up are signing up they are only registering one domain. If you have any questions about it, you can use there live chat from there home page to clear up any confusion. They are very friendly and prompt.

    Tim is right about transferring domain names. just because 1&1 or Bluehost has registered it for free you still own that domain name for a period of one year. So you could transfer that to another host at anytime. Keep in mind though, the domain would still be registered with your previous host until that one year period was up. After that one year you could have your current host register it if they offer domain registeration for free or use GoDaddy. You could also just transfer the domain once you switched hosts if you wanted to as well. It is a pain though to transfer domains. So it is easier to just let it expire with your previous host if you have it registered with them then go with other options as you seem fitting.

  18. I was just wondering how much confidence you have that your dimmable C9(s) will hold up under LOR use, since these appear to be retro-fit products (screw in bulbs?) ... and those historically haven't had long lifespans when used with products like LOR.

    I'm just looking for some assurances (and so are others) that the new C9 dimmable product is in fact somewhat proven ... since the cost is quite high. I know your other products, like the LED C6s have been awesome.

    I agree, I am a little skeptical as well as 1-2 days on LOR isn't really enough time to burn them in enough to get an accurate account if these will work.

    What kind of testing have these gone through and how long were they tested for constantly. I know with other companies they worked well for a couple of days, but once they were burned in they started seeing failures.

    If we can get some test results like a few hours of them in use dimming constantly, as well as twinkle, shimmer at a constant rate for a constant amount of time without failure then I will be in because I highly need some LED C9s to do what I am needing next year to save me money on other areas and be confidant in making a purchase.

    I am like Scott, I would hate to spend this much on them for them to fail a week into use.

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