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    I look forward to each christmas by expanding the light show from the previous year
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    Using a Gemmy Holiday light show with 12 outlets. Using a 25 amp SSR on all 6 channels
  1. Hello. I am looking for some arch sequences for the following songs: Carol of the Bells (David Foster and Monique Dainelle) Christmas Eve Sarajevo Christmas Vacation Deck the Halls (Manhiem) Jingle Bells (Michael W. Smith) Linus & Lucy Most Wondeful Time of Year Silent Night (Manheim) Wizzards of Winter I am adding two 8 channel arches to the lineup this year. Thanks for your help. Tim
  2. yahmit

    Rope Lights

    Any suggestions on where to find tubing to put over clear rope lights in order to change the color. I need to repair a wireframe that has an 18 foot rope light. 9 feet is one color and the other 9 is a different color. Thanks for your help.
  3. I am new to this and am thinking the best way for an automatic on/off approach for my display (IE on a timer) I have the mini-director and was thinking about pulling the power jumper and hooking up a 9 volt source and have the mini-director turn on and off the show. Is is ok to leave the controllers powered up all the time and will they draw any juice while they are not controlling lights? Thanks,
  4. yahmit

    Spt Wire

    I have been using a Gemmy for years and finally bought two LOR controllers two weeks ago and have already programmed my first sequence. I can't wait to get the controllers and begin setting up the show. I have been looking at posts regarding SPT Wire and I found this at Homedepot. http://www.homedepot...catalogId=10053 Do you think this wire will work? My longest run will be about 50' controlling a 100 light mini string. If anyone has an extra contoller they want to sell, I might be interested also. Thanks.
  5. Getting ready for 2009 and will run with the Gemmy again with 12 channels. One thing that bothered me last year was the Gemmy was a little to blinkly (not enough seperations between the channels) with the music using an MP3 player. Anyone know how to turn down the sensitivity of the controller?
  6. fixed it. Helps if you hit save signature
  7. all it says is SIGPIC....any ideas for me. I did insert the signature and it previewed properly.
  8. Testing mine also..lets hope it works
  9. Can anyone recommend a good FM transmitter with some range to use. I have a Uni-Kit UX555 I got from Hobbytron last year, but it doesn't seem to be putting out the range to get a clear signal out to the street. Anyone know the maximum wattage the FCC will allow without a license. Thanks.
  10. Just picked the last one up at Walgreens for $14.99. The fade sequence will come in handy. The only draw back is you have to manually start the device, it cannot be on a timer.
  11. What it is, there are two independet 6 channel controllers synching to the same music. The cable that runs between appears to be an audio cable. Since the boxes are independent of each other, neither knows what the other is doing. They are probably built with the same controller in each box, so it appears they are in synch sometimes, and other times they are not. PS.. How do you get your signature picture to post?
  12. I have seen TSO 4 times, and it never gets old. Two more weeks till the lights are lit.
  13. I have been broadcasting for the past few days, the christmas sound track for this years light display. I am building a relay box for the Gemmy and am getting anxious to start putting up the lights.
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