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  1. Hey guys.. couple questions. 1. I remember reading somewhere that incand floods should not be shimmered or faded. Is that true? If so, do they handle on/off ok? 2. When buying from big box stores, how are you supposed to know if the LEDs they sell support shimmer and fade? Thx!
  2. Got my roof line done today.. oh and I am selling more LEDs if anyone wants some: http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/for/2690302109.html
  3. I will get some pics tonight.. local means I do not have to ship
  4. I am thinking $75.. but I want to give locals first dibs
  5. Anyone interested.. I have two sets that I am not going to be using.. only used last year.
  6. jjdurrant

    Hey Guys!

    Who is excited for 2011? Already took my Halloween display down today and am ready to start 2011!
  7. Hey guys.. I am sticking with 16ch again this year.. was hoping to jump to 32 with a megatree this year but no time right now. I am looking for ways to switch-up\and improve my display from last year. Here is what I am thinking... open to all feedback and suggestions! 1. Ditch the LED lawn lights. They are just no longer working with my display.. and since they are LED they get covered up quickly anyway given all the MN snow. Sell or use them some other way? 2. Incorporate more incand floods. I really like the RGB color wash you see on the side of my house in the second vid. A
  8. Thanks.. I need to head over your way!
  9. Great idea.. I actually know a guy who invented a trail timer... going to give him a call.
  10. They were, now it is just several inches of fluffy snow
  11. Weird.. I emailed them but did not get added tot he map
  12. I can home today and my 8 year old daughter cleared all the snow around my lawn lights and cleared off my mini-trees. She must be trying to score points with xmas right around the corner.
  13. Yeah... I suppose it could have been animals.. but I have had other issues such as theft before so I am quick to assume the worst.
  14. Nothing major, but they cut out sections on several of my c7 strings.. so irritating. I was able to repair most of them.. but it's the principle. I am not going to let it get me down though.
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