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  1. joe are you over by the 90 and the creek???
  2. it looks like brown plastic and then spraypainted
  3. i knew it was up there when i saw you chase the candy canes
  4. Ivsmaster wrote: the cell phone is for when the ladder falls down and you're trapped on the roof -again:laughing:
  5. John Pidliskey wrote: just go to grainger --the ssr is like 17.00 and its as easy as hooking up a speaker ---
  6. i used red green and clear last year and was unhappy with the results---this year red blue green ---when their all on= white lights ----4 effects with only 3 channels......
  7. thanks guys -i'm forever tinkering so i might try and tackle an el cheapo version ---fog machines were super expensive when they first came out too.....
  8. thats what i was looking for:waycool::waycool:
  9. heres a better question anyone know how they actually work--are they just like a fog machine inside or is it totally different
  10. sure you could you just have to use more ssr's-any ssr will work if its 3-5vdc input...
  11. randy how long are those 140 light strings????
  12. hi all, wheres the best place to get chasing lights and best price?????
  13. yeah i thought this would interest some of you what i do is find heavy duty ssrs and then hook right and left audio in,to give me a right and left channel and the use that power to drive off an olsen 595 -so instead of using just straight ac i use this color organ effect on some of my channels and it is amazing to watch its like the lights have a life of their own..... p.s. that was a christmas in july contest that i took 2nd place at our campground
  14. http://media.putfile.com/ssr-lights its a small clip my wife shot
  15. bingo -iwas gonna build one ,but why bother when you can get them premade cheap........
  16. i just finished a small display down at my camp for christmas in july and will try to shoot some video sat and will post soon-i really think this will change the way people light their yards because of the cool effect -especially when its run in stereo with 2 ssr's running and the difference in music on the left and right channels-i started using this on my tree in my house in the late 80's and also for house parties,everyone has ssr's that that can be used for this purpose-one of my favorite setups is to break the hots on two powerstrips and add an ssr to each one and make one left and one right-i use a seperate 25watt amp to drive this and no speakers hooked up,to adjust the intensity of the lights i turn up the volume or adjust the bass and treble to suit what i need-then i tap power from left and rights to my 8ch boxes....
  17. hi all - i stumbled upon this years ago -if you take a standard ssr with 3-5 vdc input and hook it up like a speaker to a stereo -it will pulse the ssr to the music- because there is also dc voltage hidden in an amplified music signal . i use a left and right channel on my displays along with turning channels on and off -makes the whole show really come to life.....
  18. mines finally running right -we should share sequences or post them somehow....
  19. using comet whats the best way to do the shows -tap on the beat or the words or a combo- what does everyone do?
  20. i was almost done synching up a show and i had the same fault-even though i thought i had saved it it was lost-cool when you can get it to work what are you using for relays?
  21. thanks for the tip i'll try that-the kit 74 performs flawlessly works perfect with your software -just need to work out the bugs on my end-kitsrus.com has them for 24.00
  22. im running a fairly new machine and it crashes the comet program and sends me to microsoft where they say its part of comet cusor and when i try to save a playlist it never brings it back up -it looks like really cool software and id love to use it if i can just keep it running
  23. my system keeps crashing whenever i run comet -is it spyware?
  24. does anyone know if i can use comet with a kit 74 parralel-also i cant really get comet to funtion and where do you get .sng's do you have to make them help im not really good with the computer side -im really good with the electrical side of it finnegan hamburg,ny
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