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  1. Ivsmaster wrote:

    My tip is: I use the cloth nail bag that you can get anywhere for a couple of bucks. I put bulbs, roof clips, electrical tape, cell phone and water bottle in it.

    The cell phones for when you need something and someone in the house can get it for you.


    the cell phone is for when the ladder falls down and you're trapped on the roof -again:laughing:

  2. John Pidliskey wrote:

    WOW, seems like a lot for a table top display. Not sure if I would go the SSR route.

    You would not only the SSR circuit, but some type of software to control it.

    Try searcing for L.E.D. circuits on the 'net. My son and I made a similiar project with about 12 L.E.D.'s which are battery operated on a small table top tree.

    just go to grainger --the ssr is like 17.00 and its as easy as hooking up a speaker ---

  3. yeah i thought this would interest some of you what i do is find heavy duty ssrs and then hook right and left audio in,to give me a right and left channel and the use that power to drive off an olsen 595 -so instead of using just straight ac i use this color organ effect on some of my channels and it is amazing to watch its like the lights have a life of their own.....

    p.s. that was a christmas in july contest that i took 2nd place at our campground

  4. i just finished a small display down at my camp for christmas in july and will try to shoot some video sat and will post soon-i really think this will change the way people light their yards because of the cool effect -especially when its run in stereo with 2 ssr's running and the difference in music on the left and right channels-i started using this on my tree in my house in the late 80's and also for house parties,everyone has ssr's that that can be used for this purpose-one of my favorite setups is to break the hots on two powerstrips and add an ssr to each one and make one left and one right-i use a seperate 25watt amp to drive this and no speakers hooked up,to adjust the intensity of the lights i turn up the volume or adjust the bass and treble to suit what i need-then i tap power from left and rights to my 8ch boxes....

  5. hi all -

    i stumbled upon this years ago -if you take a standard ssr with 3-5 vdc input and hook it up like a speaker to a stereo -it will pulse the ssr to the music- because there is also dc voltage hidden in an amplified music signal . i use a left and right channel on my displays along with turning channels on and off -makes the whole show really come to life.....

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