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    Christmas and Halloween lighting nut, but the neighbors love me. Wife only mildly tolerates me, but takes all the compliments.
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    Chief Investigator - District Attorney's Office
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    Two different static displays that I alternate; first is full sized Santa's workshop, with all elves, train, Santa and sleigh, etc. Second display is full sized Nativity scene. House is trimmed in all white, trees in green and fences are red. Driveway luminaris, lighted garland and wreaths, etc.

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  1. I ordered a 150' roll of Warm White 10 MM rope light during Paul's Close-Out last November along with some red. It all immediately went into storage until this year. When I pulled it out on Friday, I noticed that I was sent Cool White by mistake. My fault for not checking the order when it was delivered, but hey, it was in the middle of my lighting season. I have no use for it in my display and am willing to sell it for what I have in it plus shipping. This is dimmable and I will send lots of extra pigtails. I paid $112.50. Only plugged in once much to my dismay. Send PM if inter
  2. Several years ago before I converted to LOR synchronized shows I used a complete multi-character, hand painted, life sized Nativity scene that I built and painted myself. One Sunday night, just before Christmas I answered my front door to greet a couple in their late 60’s, very nicely dressed. I saw two cars parked in front of my house and could tell that they were fully occupied. We exchanged greetings and they asked me if it would be OK if they brought their grandson into the yard and pose him next to the manger and the baby Jesus for photos. They shocked me when they said that their
  3. Also try http://www.noveltylights.com/C9-Christmas-Lighting-Stringers/?altpath=N or http://www.noveltylights.com/C9-Bulk-1000-reels/?altpath=N
  4. Same here. Every 3 - 5 days. Kind of iritating. I PM'd Chuck about it with no response.
  5. I am redoing my two 8 channel arches for this year, and am glad that I am doing so after removing the 100 ct. strings from them. I found that each arch had "broken" at a glued coupling, and probably would have come apart at the worst possible time. I used Lauderdale's original 15 foot arch plan and found that each string section was about 21" using 3/4 inch PVC. I would like to keep a 3/4 PVC inner liner for sturdiness and expect to have to go to 1" sleeves. I stopped by my local hardware store the other day and was looking at black poly sprinkler pipe for sleeves and was thinking
  6. jim6918

    Lor Sale

    There is a huge amount of discussion about this on the LOR forum. Just scan through the assorted posts before you post a new thread of your own, as you're liable to get your head bit off by one of the "Old-timers" who know it all and think they own the forum. The long and short of it is that there is supposed to still be some type of sale, perhaps later this month, but I am not holding my breath. If you're signed up for e-mail notifications, you will find out the same time as the rest of us poor suffering souls. The worst part of the whole thing is that most, if not all of the LOR co
  7. Are you going as a vendor? Would like to talk to you about some voice overs I need.
  8. Glad there is at least a few other Colorado people going. Hope we get to bump into each other at the immersion class. My wife and 22 year old daughter also going so I wouldnt be totally alone.
  9. Considering going to the Christmas Expo in late June in Gatlinburg. Anbody else from Colorado thinking about going? I really want to attend the two day LOR immersion classes.
  10. Considering going to the Expo in late June in Gatlinburg. Anbody else from Colorado thinking about going? I really want to attend the two day LOR immersion classes.
  11. I could be wrong about this but I think Travis' main business was called seasonalimpressions.com a commercial consulting and lighting company. Again I could be wrong, but I think his legal issues were as a result of a contractural dispute he had with a big cumstomer of that business. I you go to seasonalimpressions.com there is a link to LED Holiday Lighting. I should be whipped for beating this dead horse. LOL
  12. I don't disagree at all. Even Sears had to meet Roebuck at one time as did Monkey and Wards. I am planing a pretty significant LED upgrade for 2011 ($1,000 +/-) and would hate to lose the credit card protection. I have purchased from CDI 3 times now, and although his prices are on the high side compared to some newbies, I just don't know what to do. As you recall, Travis had another thriving business before the LED stuff. In fact, unless I am mistaken thats the side of his business he claims got him in so much trouble. Not to be too pessimistic, but I see some red flags here; una
  13. Has anybody purchased and received lights from this gentleman? It appears to be his first year, correct? I spent far too much time with my hands wrapped around my ankles severla years ago with "you know who" to drop too much money unless I knows it's somebody trustworthy.
  14. Thanks Darlene. I had looked with envy at the CoroStars in the past. They are pretty expensive from HolidayCoro, way too much for the number I would need to replace the luminarias. I hadn't thought about the patterns and doing them myself until you mentioned it. I used Winfield patterns in the past and found them to be top notch. You got me searching now. Merry Christmas.
  15. For years (currently and pre LOR) I have used luminarias originally bought from Hobby Lobby to line both sides of my driveway. I always liked the low profile which allows for the opening of car doors and they filled an empty space quite nicely. Pics are attached. I converted them this year to hold 3 C9 LEDs for brighter light. They are getting pretty beat up and I would like to replace them with something, but for the life of me can't come up with a single idea. I am pretty handy DYI-wise and within reason could build just about anything. I have spare LOR channels and could light so
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