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  1. I got a Jakel 4 rpm (I think) rotisserie motor on eBay for $11. After many days of it working 5-8 hours a day, it's starting to make a grinding sound that gets louder every other day, so I don't think the motor will last much longer. I even ensured the weight of the gear (which is made of foam) was supported on a bracket and not on the motor. Maybe it was all that rain that got into it...
  2. All it takes is a news station to air it, and it's just a matter of time before they are caught. They are obviously pretty dumb since they show their faces in the video. Just more evidence to help them get caught.
  3. Thanks! There's snow in the mountains east of here, about an hour drive. Rain down at the beach means more snow in the hills, so we'll just in the van tomorrow and see how far we can get.
  4. A full tutorial is posted here: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dqz74m6_0ddwc8kdg
  5. LOL. Nice display you got there, boyish. Here's a few videos of the clock in action, during early evening and later in the evening. My daughter, seeing I was about to take a picture, ran into frame and is hiding somewhere.
  6. Latest status. Gears and frame are together, and I worked more on the paneling after the vid. I tell ya', it's rough working here in 70 degrees and clear skies.
  7. I agree with all posts. This sucks but dont' let it prevent you from doing what you want - put on a show! You could also contact the local tv news media, I'm sure they'd be happy to do a community relations segment about some "grinch" trying to ruin the spirit of Christmas. You never know who will answer the call. I can hear it already: "The holiday spirit is alive and well in this neighborhood, even though there's a grinch on the loose. (cut to video of scene of the crime) A local Decker full of holiday spirit woke up to find that thieves had stolen some of his Christmas displ
  8. IT'S ALIVE! I finally went and got the rubber tubing at a local speargun shop and connected it all up. I assembled the whole mess, strung the gears from the ceiling, wound up the tubing, plugged her in, and here it is. Now that the hard part is over, I'm off to build the clock house, which will be about 5' across, 4.5' high, and 2' deep. This will then go on top of my garage, housing rules be danged! http://s463.photobucket.com/albums/qq352/warrant2000/Christmas%20Clock/?action=view&current=Movies018.flv
  9. Looks good! How are the lights powered with the rotating going on? Something similar to a rotating christmas tree power connection?
  10. Looks great! I was thinking how nice the tree and lights looked with the flash picture. How would it look if you put a white flood light under the tree, aimed up to illuminate the branches? Unfortunately, here is 65 degree San Diego I only have palm trees that go up, not out.
  11. That's a good idea, Jen. I was also pondering what would happen if I put a Jolly Rancher in the middle of it. Time for more experimenting.
  12. I've posted pictures in my album. Enjoy! http://forums.planetchristmas.com/album.php?albumid=111
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